Who Am I and Why Am I Here (Zero to Hero Challenge)


About five months ago (wow, it’s been that long already?!) I started this blog and posted reviews for several summer movies. But other than my about page, I never had any kind of “why am I doing this” post. So for the WordPress Zero to Hero event, this is that post. That post that explains who I am, and why I am here. Better late than never, eh?

First off, a little background on me. If you haven’t gotten it from the name of this blog, my name is Drew. I have always enjoyed movies and in recent years have started to amass quite the collection of DVDs and Blu-rays. When I was little, I remember watching my VHS copies of Aladdin and Toy Story every day, sometimes even multiple times a day! Drove my parents crazy and they still bring it up to this day. My dad is a Star Wars fan and I blame him for drawing me into a galaxy far far away and the obsession it is today. That love for movies continued throughout the years. When I got older, I would watch movies like Ocean’s Eleven and Wild Wild West frequently with my best friend (between the two of us we can quote both of those movies word for word). Once I got a job and could afford to buy my own stuff I began my movie collection. I’ve seen bigger collections before, but among most of my friends and family, mine is the biggest.

I was toying around with the idea of writing movie reviews for a while. In no way, shape or form am I any kind of a writer, but I like to share my opinions and thoughts about the movies I watch with others, especially those looking for a recommendation. However, I didn’t really frequent the movie theater often enough to feel justified in having a blog dedicated to movies (I know that is a dumb excuse but I was looking for reasons to warrant not having a blog). But over the summer, I really started going to the movie theater on a regular basis, like several times a month. And just a few months before, I found this awesome app for my phone called “My Movies” to keep my movie collection organized. So then I didn’t feel I had any reason not to have a blog. Once I finished a few reviews, I got my blog started.

As I said, I really enjoy recommending movies to friends. Professional movie reviews are good, but I feel the reviewers can be jaded at times. When I review a movie, it is not some highly detailed critique, but the point-of-view of someone who just likes to watch movies for the fun of it. We all have different tastes and you may not agree with some of my choices, and that’s OK. But in my experience, I have found that my friends and I get better recommendations from each other, rather than some professional reviewer. So I guess for the why I have this blog, and more importantly why you should read it, is because I consider myself an everyman, your friend. I am that person whose has a similar taste and can recommend a movie I know you will enjoy.

So there you have it. That’s me and why I do this. So go ahead, read a couple of reviews from my archive and decide if you like what you see.  Or read my about page for more specifics about my reviews.  If you follow me I follow you, gotta spread the love ya know.



7 thoughts on “Who Am I and Why Am I Here (Zero to Hero Challenge)

  1. I wish I’d read this sooner, it made me smile so much!

    You say you’re not a writer – I disagree, as I was reading it I really got that “I want to read more” feeling, which you don’t always get 🙂 plus it genuinely made me grin to myself.

    I love your love of movies! The re-watching films as a kid and knowing all the dialogue to certain movies – I can so relate to that!! Aladdin was one of my childhood faves as well.

    You have a great outlook and I agree wholeheartedly. Why should a critic have a ‘better’ opinion than any one of us? Whenever I check out a film on the IMDB I always check out the user reviews, never critic reviews.


    • Thank you for the kind words, Emma. 🙂

      I think I have come a long way in my writing but when I wrote this post a year ago, I was still pretty green and felt iffy about my writing skills. Over the past year and a half after starting writing movie reviews, I have seen my skills grow immensely. It’s good to know that you enjoyed even an earlier post like this.

      Fantastic! That’s awesome that you like Aladdin so much. I could watch it a hundred more times than hundreds I already have and it will never get old!

      When I’m on IMDB, it’s never for the ratings. And if I want to look at what viewers thought, I go to the audience ratings of Rotten Tomatoes. I think that is the one thing I don’t like about the My Movies app is that by default a movie’s ratings is set to the IMDB rating. I wish it would just be blank until I put in my own rating.

      Thanks again for the support!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Not at all, fully deserved. I’m sure like me, sometimes you skim read things but I can – hand on heart – honestly say I was smiling when I read this! Your personality and love of movies shone through 🙂

        IMDB ratings suck! It doesn’t take into account how many people have rated overall really and some movies have really screwed up ratings!

        Movies are just bloody opinion at the end the day, not one person is more qualified than someone else to enjoy a movie. And I hate movie snobbery!!

        Oh yeah I loved Aladdin 🙂 not QUITE as much as The Little Mermaid but was still in my top 5 and still is!

        I think your writing is great, I haven’t read much ofy our older posts but if obviously you’re getting into the swings of things really well!

        Thank you for the support too.


      • P.S sorry I was typing a bit quickly then! That last paragraph is meant to say something like….I haven’t read much of your older posts but if this is anything to go by you are obviously getting into the swing of things!!

        (I just ended up typing gobbedy gook)


        • Well then I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. 🙂 Yea, their ratings aren’t the best. Haha “Movie Snobbery,” that’s great! The Little Mermaid is a solid choice… but you’re wrong. It’s not better than Aladdin 😛 Thanks so much (again)! No problem, it’s the least I can do.


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