Lightning Review: Godzilla

Godzilla (2014) movie posterSynopsis
When a drilling company accidentally awakens an ancient creature, Godzilla appears to stop it. But when humanity is stuck in the middle, what cost will the military go to stop the massive creatures?

Have you ever walked out of a movie thinking “That wasn’t what I expected,” but in a good way? That’s how I felt about Godzilla. This is a movie where the title character/creature is used more as a backdrop for the story, rather than the central focus of the film. He is completely missing from the first third of the film, giving us time to get to know the human characters. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting considering the movie is named ‘Godzilla‘ but I felt this unconventional approach worked well. Bryan Cranston did great and is without a doubt the standout performance. The sound work was awesome. Not only with the sound of Godzilla but also with creating tension by getting softer or muffled or even no sound at the right moments. The action picked up in the last act and showed off some great visual effects. The monstrous fight that happened might be one of my favorite movie fights. Although the titular character gets the least screen time of anyone, Godzilla is an entertaining disaster movie that gets more fun as it moves along, finishing with an epic fight that will having you cheering at the screen.



Cast & Crew
Gareth Edwards – Director
Max Borenstein – Screenplay
Dave Callaham – Story

Aaron Taylor-Johnson – Ford Brody
Bryan Cranston – Joe Brody
Ken Watanabe – Dr. Ichiro Serizawa
Elizabeth Olson – Elle Brody
Carson Bolde – Sam Brody
Sally Hawkins – Vivienne Graham
Juliette Binoche – Snadra Brody
CJ Adams – Young Ford Brody
David Strathairn – Admiral William Stenz

13 thoughts on “Lightning Review: Godzilla

      • Hey. I was having problems uploading my twitter widget earlier. I had deleted it, but put it back up again. Oh well. I’ll still tweet other favorite movie reviews of yours in the future. Yes, Godzilla did not disappoint. Loved the twist that Godzilla is the good guy in this one. Lol. My son and I thought that creature from “Cloverfield” showed up in the Godzilla movie, hahahahaha.


        • Haha I read a review that made a similar comment about the Cloverfield monster. Maybe they should do a crossover: Godzilla vs Cloverfield. A sequel was officially announced after all…


        • Well, I think that cloverfield wannabe creature already made its appearance. Lol. I’d like to see a crocodile type of monster go at it with Godzilla with some European cities in their way (getting destroyed, of course).


  1. I liked it. I wouldn’t have complained if there was more Godzilla. But I also kind of respect the choice they made to hold the character back a little. And Godzilla looks freaking amazing. I was really blown away by how good that character looked.


    • I think by holding him back it made the reveal more exciting. I was blown away, too! I didn’t expect him to look so good. He for sure looked better than the Emmerich Godzilla.


      • Oh now doubt it was a wise choice. But my inner 12 year old boy just wanted to see Godzilla blasting around mashing entire cities right from the start. This is also probably why I am not entrusted with $150 million film budgets.


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