Blog Update + Christmas in July Blogathon

Happy Fourth of July, my dear readers!  Unless of course you don’t live in the United States, then happy normal, plain, ordinary Friday to you.  Sucker.

Sorry about the lack of posts in June.  I watched several movies, but they were primarily for guest posts, including The Amazing Spider-Man for MovieRob‘s comic-themed Genre Grandeur and another for Table 9 Mutant‘s IMDB top 250.  Unfortunately, expect the slump to continue.  I am currently getting content prepared for something special I have planned at the end of July.  I will make an attempt to post one or two reviews between now and then, but no promises.

In the mean time, I think I will try my hand at this blogathon thing I’ve heard so much about.   July 25th is officially six months until Christmas, so let’s celebrate!  The theme for this here blogathon is “Christmas in July.”  I was bummed I didn’t get any Christmas movies reviewed back in December, so my buddy suggested doing a Christmas in July review.  Now, after six months of waiting, I won’t have the time, so instead I’m passing the task onto you.  It can be your favorite Christmas movie, least favorite Christmas movie, or just any movie that takes place during Christmas *cough* Die Hard *cough*.  I don’t really care, it just needs to be Christmas related.  And if you like fun, say who you would like to run into under the mistletoe when you are at my Christmas party on July 25 (I hope to see the redhead in blue down below).

If you are participating, say what movie you are reviewing in the comments below, then email me your review at drewt510 at gmail before July 19.  Your reviews will be posted between July 21 and July 25.  I can’t wait to read everybody’s reviews! 😀

Before I go, I will combine Christmas’ spirit of giving and the Fourth of July’s celebration of everything USA to celebrate the greatest gifts the United States has given the world:

Emma StoneChanning Tatum

Emma Stone and Channing Tatum. You’re welcome.

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