Anniversary Week: Monday Movie Fun Fact – 7/28/14

Here we are, at the start of Anniversary Week at Drew’s Reviews.  Earlier today, I started my Star Wars review portion with A New Hope.  Next up is the first new feature I’m introducing: Monday Movie Fun Fact.  I think the name is pretty self-explanatory.  Every Monday I will post a piece of movie trivia or just a simple fun fact about a film.  The trivia in this maiden entry was also in my review for Salt, but since that was so long ago, I’m going to share it again.

The titular role of Salt was originally offered to Tom Cruise and was written as Edwin A. Salt.  However, Cruise backed out because he felt Salt was too similar to Ethan Hunt, his character from the Mission Impossible series.  Angelina Jolie was then offered the role and she accepted, so the script was rewritten and the character renamed Evelyn.

Tom Cruise as Salt would have looked weird…

As much as I like Cruise’s action films, I’m glad Jolie ended up with the part because she did phenomenal with it.  I’m not sure if this poster with Cruise as Salt was official (at least until Jolie took over) or fan made, but it still looks cool nonetheless.

cruise-salt-posterThe anniversary celebration continues tomorrow with a review of The Empire Strikes Back, as well as the introduction of another new feature.  See you tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Anniversary Week: Monday Movie Fun Fact – 7/28/14

    • Thanks. I thought there would be more like it but that was the only one I could find and my photoshop skills aren’t good enough to attempt it myself. Glad to hear you learned something, I’ve already done my job. 😀


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