Movie Quote of the Week – 10/10/14

Answer to 10/8/14 MWL: Deputy Chief Hardy (Nick Offerman) – 21 Jump Street

Hardy: Do you even know the Miranda Rights?
Jenko: Yes.
Hardy: Let’s here them then.
Jenko: You got a lot of stuff to do.
Hardy: No, go ahead. Are you going anywhere, Schmidt? You’ve got time.
Schmidt: I had a thing but I could probably push it back.
Hardy: Go ahead. It’s four declamatory sentences followed by a question for a total of 57 words.
Jenko: Uh, ok. It obviously starts with ‘You have the right to remain silent.’ I know you’ve heard this before. And then, um, I think it sounds something like, uh…
Schmidt: [Under his breath] You have the right to an attorney.
Jenko: Yea, oh, right. You have the right to remain an attorney.
Hardy: Did you say that ‘you have to right to be an attorney?’
Schmidt: You do have the right to be an attorney if you want to.

The following people answered correctly:
emmakwal (explains it all)

6 thoughts on “Movie Quote of the Week – 10/10/14

      • Hee hee love it!! I would like that very much πŸ™‚

        Though I was only kidding – honest! Saying a ridiculous joke is often my way of saying ‘hello!’ πŸ™‚

        The prize of knowing I was right was pretty cool actually.


        • Haha I know you were. I was going to try to start adding links to those who answered correctly anyway but forgot to do it the night before. So it was a good reminder. πŸ™‚


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