Drew Reviews The Punisher (2004)

I joined in on the Marvel Blogathon over at Flashback/Backslide with the most underrated of the films: The Punisher. Thanks FB/BS for letting me participate!


The PunisherThe next installment in the Marvel Blogathon comes from Drew’s Movie Reviews who reviewed The Punisher (2004). Head over to his site to see his archive of reviews and the Movie Quote of the Week.

Thanks for the review Drew!

Punisher PosterSynopsis
Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) sets out to destroy Howard Saint (John Travolta) and his criminal empire after he murders Castle’s entire family and leaves him for dead.

One of my favorite things about The Punisher is that it feels like a comic book movie. Before Marvel’s Iron Man, it can be difficult to distinguish comic book movies from other action films if you don’t know beforehand. But this movie takes note from it’s comic origins and weaves a tale that is entertaining from start to finish. The fight scenes are over the top, but just slightly. Some of the sequences never feel like couldn’t not happen, but are comic-y enough to know…

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4 thoughts on “Drew Reviews The Punisher (2004)

  1. Thanks for joining the Blogathon! Weirdly, it’s nice to see an underrated Marvel movie. I think some of the movies are overrated and there are plenty that are universally known to be awful. After reading your review I’m going to try to rewatch this!


    • No problem! Before Marvel Studios formed, movies based on their characters were a real grab bag of hit-or-miss films. Unfortunately, many people consider this a miss which sucks because it is rather clever. It’s a pretty faithful adaptation of the character and has some good casting choices (I am reluctant to say great outside of Thomas Jane). The only way they could have improved this film was make it rated R because let’s face it, it’s the Punisher and he is at his best when they can show all the brutality, blood, guts and all.


      • I totally agree about the rating. Even Marvel made some mistakes. I didn’t really like The Incredible Hulk which came out the same year as Iron Man and had a slightly bigger budget. But I think the ship started to right once the Studio started to figure it out with the MCU. It really is a grab-bag. I don’t think it’s because the characters can’t translate but because the translations have often been poorly focused.


        • I always attributed it to the different studios not properly understanding the characters. Some accomplished it better than others (like Fox for example). They are Marvel properties so of course they are going to know how best to use them.


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