Milestone: 100th Movie Review!

Well I finally did it. Almost a year to the day since my 50th movie review, I hit 100 movie reviews in my archive!  The lucky review was The Punisher review as part of Flashback / Backslide‘s Marvel Blogathon last week.  Unfortunately this milestone crept up on me, so I didn’t plan anything special like I did for my 50th review.  During the last few months of 2014 I slowed down quite a bit, but recently I have been able to keep reviews steadily flowing.  I’d like to say I have something new for you to look forward to, but other than my weekly Movie Whose Line and Movie Quote of the Week features, regular reviews, and the occasional Fave Five, I got nothing.

As always, I enjoy recommendations, so if there is a movie you think I should review, leave it in a comment anytime in any post and I will throw it into my queue (my long, long queue). Thank you for the views, likes, comments and overall support all of you have given me over these last 100 reviews!


12 thoughts on “Milestone: 100th Movie Review!

  1. Hey Drew, congrats on the milestone! Its always nice to see progress. I have a suggestion for you, if you haven’t seen it yet: The Guest. A new movie from Adam Wingard, who directed last year’s You’re Next. I quite liked it. Maybe you will too.


    • Thanks, Tom! I have not seen The Guest but I have heard of it. I haven’t seen You’re Next either but I don’t usually watch that type of movie. Although I have warmed up to them a little bit, so I will definitely check it out now. Thanks for the recommendation!

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