Park City Review

Park City movie posterSynopsis
A team of indie film makers head out to the Sundance Film Festival to premier their film, but the film goes missing hours before showtime and they must try to remember their adventure the night before to locate it.

I’ll admit, I haven’t seen many mockumentaries, nor have I really gotten into the Indie film scene. However, I am always down for a good comedy. Park City is very reminiscent of The Hangover (one of my favorite comedies) but on a slimmer budget. This film manages to capture that spirit while wrapping it in something new and unique.

Hannah (Hannah Rosner) tries to keep her film crew, consisting of director, Joey (Joey Mireles), assistant Dave (David Hoffman), and actress Jill (Jill Evyn), together long enough to piece together the events of the night before. There are your stereotypical group members. Joey is the artistically enthusiastic one, Dave is the partyer and just there to have a good time, Jill is the talented but self-centered diva, and Hannah is the level-headed leader. They often clash and butt heads on how to go about finding their missing film, but eventually see eye-to-eye. It’s a clichéd group yet they are charming and feel fresh with the life infused from the actors.

I found myself chuckling constantly throughout this film. Most of the dialogue felt genuine and hit the mark. The comedy wasn’t shoved onto one character, either. Everyone had their moment to crack a joke. You know you’re in for a good time when the movie starts out with a business card that reads “Fuck you. Hire me.” Okay, maybe that’s just me but that’s my kind of humor.

The use of the interviews interjected into the scenes functioned well. The film could have easily worked on its own without them. However, they added that extra insight into what was going through the characters’ heads gave them that extra depth. I also felt this was where the crew’s passion for this movie shows through the most.

Park City is a fun, sometimes raunchy, comedy that clearly has a lot of heart. The humor may not be for everyone, but if it’s what you’re in to, it no doubt offers a fun ride and will keep you laughing constantly.



Cast & Crew
Hannah Rosner – Director / Writer
Julia Turner – Writer / Screenplay
Nathaniel Smith – Composer

Hannah Rosner – Hannah
Jill – Jill Evyn
Dave – David Hoffman
Joey – Joey Mireles
Morgan – Morgan Gross
Brian – Ryan Noland
Mr. Cohn – Louis Oberlander
Nina – Cynthia Watros
Charley Turner- Don McManus
Boaz Poppis – Jude Anchang
Mr. Cohn’s Assistant – Jack Fitzmorris
The Manager – CJ Vana

Big thanks to Hanna Rosner for approaching me about reviewing her film. This was the first time I’ve been asked by a director to review their movie. Honestly, I didn’t think that would actually happen, let alone within my first two years of blogging! I had a lot of fun, so thank you Hannah for the opportunity.


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