Coming Soon: Disney and a Beer

Cool title, eh? Bet you’re wondering what it means. Or maybe not, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Ok, let’s be honest, being an adult kind of sucks. I miss the good old days of not worrying about paying bills or keeping a house in ship shape or finding an income. However, there is one good (really good) positive to being an adult: Alcohol.  There has been a tradition of mine that spun out of a text I sent to my cousin.  Now my cousin and I are very close in age  (she is two weeks younger than me… and I never let her forget it) and Disney movies have been a huge part of our lives since before we could talk, something I attribute to our aunt.

Anyway, a while ago I was watching Aladdin and drinking a beer, two of the most opposite things there are, combining one of my favorite things from childhood with one from adulthood.  So I sent her a text along the lines of “Drinking a beer while watching Aladdin. Sometimes being an adult has it’s benefits.” Actually, that’s exactly what it said, apparently I still have it. So ever since then I’ve had a beer (or two) while watching Disney movies at home.

So I’m finally bringing that here.  When I review animated Disney movies I watch at home, I will also add a quick blurb about the beer (or alcoholic beverage) I drank during the movie.  The following scale will be used to say what I thought about what I drank: Loved It, Enjoyed It, Liked It, Disliked It, Despised It. Disclaimer: don’t expect these to be works of art. It’s just to add some fun to some reviews and maybe you’ll read about a drink you may want to try.

My inaugural post for the Disney and a Beer series is Tangled, which you can read right here. I hope you like it.


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