Announcing The Christmas in July 2015 Blogathon


Hey there, my dear readers!

July is almost here, do you know what that means? Time to celebrate Christmas! Well not really, but we are going to anyway.  I’m here to announce my annual Christmas in July blogathon! How does it work you ask? It’s fairly simple really: just submit a Christmas-themed article, it can be a review, a list, or anything else your heart desires, to me before July 21st. See, easy-peasy. That’s not a hard deadline, but it will help me get things organized if I have submissions by then.  Once I get an idea of how many participants there will be, I can get a more concrete schedule worked out.  If you are writing a movie review, I would prefer a only one review per film so there’s a nice variety.  If you have your heart set on a film that is already taken, I suppose I’ll let it slide, given the spirit of things.  Write in the comments or email me at if would like to participate and what you are doing.

Let’s sprinkle in some more fun, shall we? In your submission, include who you would like to meet under the mistletoe. Here is my choice:

Emma Stone

Some of you may prefer this gentleman:


Again, submissions are loosely due by Tuesday, July 21st and can be sent to I can’t wait to read everyone’s submissions!


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