Christmas in July Blogathon 2015: The Twelve Days of Blu-Rays

And the Drew’s Polar Express keeps rolling on!  Tim from Filmfunkel has created a fun and interesting game that hopefully someone out there will be able to figure out.  Here’s Tim with the rules.

In honor of the Christmas in July blogathon, I created a movie title game to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Each line is a clue to a movie title. The opening number in each line appears somewhere in the movie title and the lyric is a clue from that movie.

For example, were there 13 days of Christmas, the 13th line might read “13 Spirits Haunting” and the correct movie title would be 13 Ghosts. No words in the clue appear in the title. So, number four is not Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because A) The word mutant is in the clue and B) The number four does not appear in the movie title.

Some will be easier than others and I apologize if any are too difficult. The nature of this setup was really restrictive and was way harder to do than I anticipated, but it is pretty fun to sing out loud.

Email me ( if you need an answer(s) or a rationale behind the clues.

Have fun!

Tim : D

On the 12th day of this month, my Blu Rays gave to me:
12 guys debating
11 robbers scheming
10 plagues destroying
9 prints for Satan
8 legs attacking
7 swords defending
6 teammates fighting
5 speeding bros
4 mutant team
3 dumb friends
2 columned forts, and
1 killer sent to Hades

As for who Tim would like to meet under the mistletoe, he chose… Monica Bellucci.


Thanks, Tim! Monica Bellucci is an Italian stunner. Nice choice. I was only able to figure out a few of the clues, so I’m sure there is someone out there who can do better than me. Let us know if someone gets them all or comes close, Tim. The Blogathon will continue tomorrow with SG’s review of a forgotten holiday special. Until then, cheers!

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