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Ant-Man movie posterSynopsis
After getting out of prison, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) tries to leave his life of crime behind him. However, when he has trouble providing for his daughter, Cassie (Abby Ryder Fortson), he takes a job with his old cell mate, Luis (Michael Pena). Inside the vault he breaks into, Scott finds the Ant-Man suit, hidden by Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) decades before. Being impressed with Scott’s skills, Hank hires Scott to steal the Yellowjacket suit from his former protege, Darren Cross (Corey Stoll), much to the disliking of his daughter Hope (Evangeline Lilly).

Ant-man was predicted to be Marvel’s first flop, both critically and financially. But let’s be honest, if they audiences would buy into a story about a space faring team consisting of a snarky kid stuck in the 1980s, a sexy green alien femme fatale, a red alien warrior who takes everything literally, a talking kleptomaniac raccoon, and a talking tree who only says one sentence, how hard would it be to sell a hero who can shrink and talk to insects? It may not have been a huge money maker for Marvel like many of their other films but you can’t deny it is a humorous, fun, and quirky movie.

After the gargantuan, globe-spanning epic that was Age of Ultron, it was nice to step back and have a smaller, self-contained story. There are many references to the expansive Marvel Cinematic Universe (HYDRA, Iron Man, the events of Age of Ultron, even a fun fight scene between Scott and one of the New Avengers), but that is to be expected at this point. Marvel has built such a large world that references help place the story inside that world. It can be a catch 22 between letting the film stand on its own and using established characters and events to remind the audience where this world exists. Ant-Man does a terrific job of balancing these two sides.

For a film that is only around two hours long, Ant-Man was able to include a lot of Ant-Man history into the film. In the Marvel Comics, there are no less than three characters who have held the Ant-Man moniker. Hank Pym is the original and most well known, followed by Scott Lang (and a third named Eric O’Grady but he’s not important right now). Pym specifically has had a type of literal identity crisis over the years, taking up several costumes and code names, which include Ant-Man and Yellow Jacket. And he is short tempered, which has caused friction with other heroes. As a comics fan, it is great to see so much of the characters’ history effectively incorporated some way into the movie.

In their Phase 2 films, Marvel has mixed up what genre their movies are. They are part superhero but also something else, such as spy thriller or space opera, allowing each film to feel fresh. I have made it no secret that I am a huge fan of heist movies so I really enjoyed that aspect. The montage of the heist planning had a duel purpose of Scott, Hank, and Hope planning the heist but also quickly showing Scott learning how to use the suit and its powers. Two birds with one stone, if you will. Then the heist itself was pretty fun. Not many (if any) involve a the thief shrinking down and going through computer circuitry to accomplish their goals. It’s pretty unique and enjoyable.

Paul Rudd may not scream superhero material but he was the right fit as Scott Lang. The movie plays to his strengths and timing as a comedic actor, elevating the film. However, the stand-out star is Michael Pena as Scott’s partner-in-crime, Luis. His monologues about how he discovered the jobs for his group of Robin Hood-esque band of criminals is side-splitting. Michael Douglas is here to give gravitas and legitimacy to the film, like Glenn Close in Guardians of the Galaxy. That doesn’t stop him from doing a fantastic job. Corey Stoll and Evangeline Lilly do the best with the roles they are given but are not as strong as the other leads.

It would have been cool to see more of Pym’s history. His quarrels with SHIELD are talked about constantly and he regularly warns about the dangers of constant exposure to the Pym Particles (the device that allows the suit to shrink), but they aren’t really shown and are only given in exposition. Same with his relationship with Hope. If the audience would have gotten to see these stories, it would have helped show who Hank Pym was and why.

Other than Loki and maybe the Winter Soldier, Marvel hasn’t had great success with their villains, Ant-Man is no exception. In many of the past films, I have been like Elsa and let it go. However, I had a hard time doing that with this time. The film’s Darren Cross had a strong history with Pym which they tried to explain was his motivation but it could have been so much deeper and he could have been one of Marvel’s better villains (which is honestly not that tall a bar to hurtle). Instead, he has become forgettable like many of the others.

Ant-Man is the most refreshing MCU films since The Avengers. Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas are perfectly cast as the Ant-Men Scott Lang and Hank Pym, while Michael Pena steals every scene he appears in. The light, not-serious tone and self-contained story let this film be accessible to a large audience and is a nice break between the previous Avengers film and the sure-to-be-epic scale of Captain America: Civil War.


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Cast & Crew
Peyton Reed – Director
Edgar Wright – Screenplay / Story
Joe Cornish – Screenplay / Story
Adam McKay – Screenplay
Paul Rudd – Screenplay
Christophe Beck – Composer

Paul Rudd – Scott Lang / Ant-Man
Michael Douglas – Dr. Hank Pym
Evangeline Lilly – Hope van Dyne
Corey Stoll – Darren Cross / Yellowjacket
Bobby Cannavale – Paxton
Judy Greer – Maggie Lang
Abby Ryder Fortson – Cassie Lang
Michael Pena – Luis
David Dastmalchian – Kurt
Tip ‘T.I.’ Harris– Dave
Wood Harris – Gale
Haley Atwell – Peggy Carter
John Slattery – Howard Stark
Martin Donovan – Mitchell Carson

And I’m back. I know I wasn’t really away, you know with the usual weekly features and my entry in the Film Emotion Blogathon, but after the Christmas in July Blogathon and Anniversary Week 2, I needed a break to catch up on some gaming and overall do-nothingness. Besides the blogathon entry I was able to put together in the time between getting off work and my soccer game that night so it was almost no time at all.  This is the first of several films from earlier this summer I have lined up.  Next will be Inside Out followed by Jurassic World.  After those, I will catch up on some awards and review the horrid Rage. Until then, cheers. 🙂

PS, Splatoon is so ADDICTING! Do any of you play? If you do let me know, maybe we can organize a time to play together.

15 thoughts on “Ant-Man Review

  1. Great review! I had a lot of fun with Ant-Man. I wouldn’t have thought of Paul Rudd as a Marvel Superhero but I agree he’s the perfect fit for this role.

    Splatoon looks super fun, but I don’t have a Wii U. 😦 Mario Maker is making it tempting to pick one up, being able to make Mario levels is like a childhood dream come true.


    • Thanks! He was great and I can’t wait to see him in Civil War. At this point, when it comes to Marvel’s casting, I’m on board. They haven’t made a wrong choice yet!

      Oh, it is. I knew I would like Splatoon but I didn’t expect to get addicted to it like I have. Mario Maker but it looks like a ton of fun but I probably won’t get it, at least not right away. If you do get a Wii U, shoot me an email with your friend code. I play smash, too, both the Wii U and 3DS versions, so that’s another option if you get one.

      Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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  2. “. . .I have been like Elsa and let it go.” hahah. Good chuckle there, nice.

    Also nice to read your really positive take on Ant-Man. This, like Guardians, so could have gone a different (worse) way and it ended up being a memorable picture for me. I agree that the film really played to Paul Rudd’s comedic strengths as well. It all worked wonders on me


    • I’ll be honest, I laughed a little at myself when writing that line. I’m proud of myself for that one.

      Thanks. Yea, with some of Marvel’s more “out there” pictures, there was a lot of room for them to mess up. But they have proven they can take any character or set of characters and make them work. Part of it has fallen to casting, like Paul Rudd and Chris Pratt, and tailoring the roles to them, accentuating their talents. Rudd brought this movie together and made it the character more down-to-Earth than some of the other heroes.

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  3. Only Marvel could have thought of Paul Rudd as a superhero and he was truly fantastic, so likable and relatable. I can’t wait to see what role he will play in Civil War, according to the D23 trailer is going to be hilarious! Great review 🙂


  4. Great review, I loved this movie for it’s cast and giving me a great overview of ant-man as someone who never heard of him previously.


    • Thanks. The cast was on point, even the side characters were great.

      No problem. I know Ant-Man is one of the lesser known Marvel heroes outside of the comic community so I’m happy to give insight on the character.


  5. Great review! I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this film (I think I actually liked it more than Age of Ultron!) It was fun and funny, and I loved Paul Rudd in this role. I’m very excited for Captain America: Civil War! 🙂


    • Thanks! I would probably agree that I enjoyed this more than AoU. The humor in Ant-Man felt natural, like it did in Iron Man and The Avengers. Paul Rudd was perfect, really fitting into the superhero shoes well. Me too! I can’t wait to see Ant-Man join the rest of the Marvel heroes.

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