Movie Quote of the Week – 10/9/15

Movie Quote of the Week bannerAnswer to MWL 10/7/15: Henry Frankenstein (Colin Clive) – Frankenstein

Look, it’s moving. It’s alive. It’s alive. It’s moving. It’s alive. Oh, it’s alive. It’s alive! It’s alive! It’s alive! Oh, in the name of God. Now I know what it feels like to be God. -Henry Frankestein

It could also have been Victor Frankenstein from Young Frankenstein but I took the quote from this film. Thanks for everyone’s submissions and 500 points to the following people for answering correctly:

Dr. Humpp (Dr. Humpp’s Curious Collection)
RK (Vocare Mentor)
Tim (Filmfunkel)
Cindy (Cindy Brachman)
Rob (Movierob)


6 thoughts on “Movie Quote of the Week – 10/9/15

  1. Henry’s not a Doctor, just a trained scientist. Edward Van Sloan “Dr Waldman” is and Henry calls him thus, but I think that’s it as far as this installment goes… just saying.

    If my zealous fastidiousness has docked me some points… well I suppose it serves me right. 😦


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