Movie Quote of the Week – 10/23/15

Movie Quote of the Week bannerAnswer to MWL 10/21/15: Sir Joseph Whemple (Arthur Byron) – The Mummy (1932)

Doctor Muller: Put it back. Bury it where you found it. You have read the curse. You dare defy it?
Sir Joseph Whemple: In the interest of science, even if I believed in the curse, I’d go on with my work for the museum. Come back with me, and we’ll examine this great find together.
Doctor Muller: I cannot condone an act of sacrilege with my presence.

Thanks for everyone’s submissions and 500 points to the following people for answering correctly:

Cindy (Cindy Bruchman) (Nice work stumbling onto the answer, Cindy. It helps to talk it out, like Wheel of Fortune!)
Tim (Filmfunkel) (Tim has been very impressive with these last few Quotes, laying out the scenes in their entirety. Nicely done, Tim.)


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