My Fave Five Essential Horror Survival Items

Ever find yourself watching a horror movie and end up thinking about what you would use to survive the film until the end? Well that is the pitch brought to be by Man Crates.  Man Crates, in case you haven’t heard of them, is a new gifting company who provide a wide array of cool gifts for men that literally require a crowbar to open.  How bad-ass is that? Anyway, I’ve put together a list of the items I would deem essential if I received a Man Crate with items needed to survive a horror movie.  Now since I won’t know immediately what kind of horror scenario I will be dealing with, I tried to cover my bases.  I’ve also limited it to items that will fit into a crate.  There are so many items I would have wanted to include on this list: a flashlight, solar battery charger, silver-tipped stakes, night-vision goggles, a bottle of rum, a trusty sidekick who has my back (or can be sacrificed if need be (just kidding… maybe)), my 3DS, etc.  However, seeing as this is a fave five list, I had to really narrow it down to what I think were the most multipurpose items. So without wasting any more of your time with the introduction, here are my five favorite essential horror survival items.

Jeep5) A Jeep

It’s a big crate… Just go with it, OK? Transportation is super, super important when it comes to horror survival.  How fast you can navigate your environment is what keeps you alive.  At first, I considered a motorcycle for this slot because of its maneuverability.  However, the off-road capabilities of a Jeep are almost more important.  Although a motorcycle could get around tighter spaces, it can’t cover as many types of terrain as a Jeep can.  Also, there is more room for supplies in a Jeep.  And if absolutely necessary, a Jeep can be reinforced and act as a safe hideaway.

4) Firearmspile

Being able to keep a safe distance between you and whatever is trying to get you is another essential element of survival.  Therefore, having trusty firearms at your side is a must.  The two most important are a shotgun, when you just need to make sure whatever it is you’re shooting at doesn’t get up and a hand gun when precision is needed.  Other types of guns help too, such as a rifle, to take out your pursuer from a distance and, though technically not a firearm, a bow would be great for when the situation calls for stealth.  And to keep in mind the double-use of items, the arrowheads can be dipped in silver, or holy water, or many other items that would help in a wide array of situations.  just be mindful of ammunition usage, as it would most likely be scarce, making it a hot commodity.

machete3) Machete

As important as keeping a distance between you and the vampire, werewolf, zombie, alien invader, or what have you, can be, sometimes things just get up close and personal and you have to be ready.  Enter the machete.  A strong and sturdy weapon for slicing and dicing whatever comes your way.  Not only is it good for beheading zombies but it’s also great for starting fires, cutting food, clearing away foliage (particularly helpful if you happen to be in a jungle).  Also, the profile is relatively small so a machete would be very easy to carry around.

2) Clothingclothing

The last thing you want is to get stuck in a situation without the right clothing.  Whether you are in an urban area, the jungle, the tundra, or the desert, what you wear is almost as important as the weapons you carry with you.  Preferably, there would be several sets of padded clothes to protect against bites and scratches that could potentially turn you into a monster or a possible life-threatening wound.  Having many changes of fresh clothes is important, too, to keep yourself clean and prevent attracting monsters with a heightened sense of smell.  Extra clothes can also be used as decoys, or when you have to hide someplace dirty, it’s handy to have a fresh set of clothes.  It’s often overlooked but clothes are just an important part of survival as many other items on this list.

first-aid kit1) First-Aid Kit

No matter how hard you try, injuries happen.  In order to keep yourself in tip-top shape, and to keep yourself moving, it’s important to mend any injuries as soon as possible.  A first-aid kit is an absolutely necessity to survive a wide range of scenarios.  Whether it’s a small cut or large gash, how quickly and how well you can attend to the wound can be the difference between life and death.  Even the smallest cut carries the risk of getting infected and that’s the last thing you need while trying to survive a horror situation.  All the tools in the world can’t help you if you are in no condition to use them.  I couldn’t think of any horror setting I would dare go into without a trusty first-aid kit by my side.

And there you have it.  My toolbox for surviving a plethora of horror film scenarios.  What items would you include in your horror survival Man Crate?

11 thoughts on “My Fave Five Essential Horror Survival Items

  1. Excellent Drew, love this!!! I totally agree with the jeep over the motorcycle, I would be too scared being in the open air with ghoulies or zombies about! Also, me and The Rock need somewhere to sit 🙂

    All in all a pretty darn sturdy list, excellent!!


    • Exactly! Glad we are on the same page about the transportation. Being in an enclosed space vs being out in the open was another one of my reasons for picking the Jeep over the motorcycle. The two of you can have the back seat that way I can focus on driving. 😉

      Thanks, Emma!!


    • Always! Thanks. You know, chances of survival increase when you’re with a group. There’s a better possibility there will be someone slower than you who you can trip to be used as bait to slow down whatever is chasing you. Those few extra minutes are highly valuable and could end up ensuring your survival.


  2. Without knowing who I’d be fighting, my generic list would be 1. Knife, 2. Lighter, 3. Wire, 4 Duct Tape, & 5. Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak (and if they have to be real, then a helicopter).

    Oh, and if stealth is required you use a silencer. 😛

    *mumbles ‘bow & arrow’ under breath*


    • I’m sorry, did you say something? I didn’t quite get that since you were mumbling. Sounded like you said “I’m a wiener.” I didn’t know bullets were as versatile as arrows. My bad, Mr. Use-A-Silencer.
      *mumbles “make your own damn list”*

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, I didn’t mumble *I’m a wiener* I mumbled – OH ho ho, (…I almost walked into that one.)

        So you gonna do me like dat? I did make a list. A nice practical list – ESPECIALLY if a helipad is nearby. And unless we just stepped onto the set of Wanted, bullets have a some serious advantages over arrows.

        1. You can fit far more bullets in a quiver than arrows.
        2. Guns don’t require that standing position bows do to be fired.
        3. Bullets don’t have a feathered shaft preventing them from going through several corpses.
        4. Bullets don’t crack when you lean too heavily against a tree trunk, and
        5. You don’t have to run into a mob of still-active zombies to dig a bullet out of a now-dead corpse to re-use.

        So checkmate Mr uses-an-arrow-to-roast-wieners-over-a… uh?!? Whatever. :/


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