Trailer Round-Up 11/9/15

Aaaaaaand it’s back! I haven’t wrote a trailer round up in about six months, so I’m sorry to the handful of you who actually looked forward to them.  It’s really hard to keep up with all the trailers that are released regularly and after a few weeks of not putting anything together my laziness kicked in. But now that mentality is gone! Hopefully I will have some more free time now that I’m on a new project at work.  I’m lead front-end developer for the project so I think that means I will have less to do, right? Right…? That’s not true at all. *sobs* It’s my first time as a lead developer and am scratching my head about who thought it was a good idea to put me in charge of something. Anyway, I’m ushering the return of the TRU! There were many amazing trailers last week and I’ve already wasted enough of your time with the introduction so let’s get to the trailers!

By the Sea trailer #2


Kung Fu Panda 3 trailer #2

Alice Through the Looking Glass

The Hateful Eight

Concussion trailer #2

Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens international trailer


London Has Fallen

Touched With Fire

American Hero

Which of these films are you looking forward to?

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9 thoughts on “Trailer Round-Up 11/9/15

    • My pleasure! I’m glad I’ve started doing them again. I know what you mean!! December 18th cannot get here fast enough! Or 17th for me since that’s when my tickets are for. I really hope it lives up to the hype.

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  1. Excited for Star Wars of course! Can’t wait. I’m also excited to see The Hateful Eight. May have to make the effort to find a cinema that will show it in the 70mm presentation.

    And of course, welcome back! Been a while. Trust me, it’s always hard to balance blogging and real life. Sure you’ll be fine as a lead developer 🙂


    • Me too!! All summer I’ve just wanted to put myself in stasis until it was time to watch it because the anticipation is killing me. I should check if any of the theaters around me are showing The Hateful Eight in that format.

      Thanks! It has been awhile since I put together a TRU. Luckily that’s the only thing that went by the wayside and I could keep up with other parts of my blog, like reviews and quotes. Thanks for the vote of confidence! 🙂 So far it hasn’t been too bad, I definitely haven’t been coding as much, though, so that’s a bummer. I’m learning my way around being in charge of people which is a different experience for me and I don’t get to slack off as much. 😛

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