What movie do you want to view for the first time again?

Hey there, my dear readers,

As you know, unless you have been living under a rock, Star Wars: The Force Awakens finally hits theaters this Friday, or Thursday if you have early tickets like I do. To get ready for the long awaited continuation of the journey that saw the defeat of the evil Galactic Empire over 32 years ago, many people are getting Star Wars fever, myself included.  I have read more Star Wars reviews in the last week than in the 2+ years I have been blogging.  That’s not a bad thing. Quite the opposite, I love hearing what others have to say about my favorite movie saga.  This surge in Star Wars love has made me think about how much Star Wars has been a part of my life.

My feelings towards the Original Trilogy

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know Star Wars.  For as long as I can remember, I was on Tatooine buying droids from Jawas with Luke Skywalker and his uncle.  For as long as I can remember, I was with Luke on his heroic run through the trench of the Death Star when he made the impossible shot through an exhaust port that was no bigger than a womp rat.  For as long as I can remember, I was with the Rebels when their base was discovered on Hoth. For as long as I could remember, I was on the Millennium Falcon as Han Solo navigated through an asteroid field. I could go on, but the point is, this epic journey has always been a part of me.

My dad is a big Star Wars fan, so I was exposed to them when I was very young, literally before my long term memory kicked in.  I just kind of knew about the films. Which means the big revelation at the end of The Empire Strikes Back is completely lost to me. It was always just a fact, so I don’t know my reaction to finding that out.  Honestly, I don’t know if I was taken aback or even if I comprehended what Darth Vader was revealing.

The best twist in cinema history.

This topic has come up in my circle of friends before and I have seen it every now and then in one corner or another of the internet but it is still an interesting concept to ponder.  The idea is this:

What movie or movie series do you want to watch for the first time again?

If you could experience that sense of enchantment by the unknown again, the wonder of what lies ahead, to see a with fresh eyes again, what would it be?  I would without a doubt choose the original Star Wars trilogy.  To relive the adventure of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Princess Leia again would be a dream come true. To see the opening of A New Hope, to witness Darth Vader’s identity revealed in The Empire Strikes Back, to hear Luke declare he is a Jedi and won’t give in to the dark side of the force in Return of the Jedi would be the biggest do-over I could ever ask for.

No matter how many times I hear Luke say this, I still get excited.

What about you? If you could neuralize the memory of your first viewing of a specific film, think of a reverse Total Recall, what would it be? There are many reasons to want to forget a film and watch it again. From reliving a jaw-dropping twist/reveal, to hearing your favorite movie jokes without knowing the punchline, to experiencing a good scare, to simply going through an exciting adventure and not knowing what’s in store for the heroes, to countless other reasons.  Please leave a comment below explaining what movie or movie series you want to experience for the first time again and why.


36 thoughts on “What movie do you want to view for the first time again?

  1. Great post Drew and interesting question 🙂

    I can’t remember what it was like to watch Fight Club without knowing the twist, I’ve thought before it would be cool to watch it again whilst still ignorant to the ending. Slightly generic answer, but truthful!

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    • Thanks, I appreciate you commenting on it. What are you talking about, you silly goose? It’s a great answer! 🙂

      Fight Club would be a great movie to watch again for the first time. I first watched it fairly late so I remember my reaction to the twist. I was watching it was a friend and I looked at him with a “is this for real?” look.

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      • Don’t be silly Drew, always happy to comment! 🙂

        I actuallyw anted to say as well that it was interesting reading about Star Wars always ‘being’ in your life, with your father being a fan etc. It got me thinking how none of my family have ever really mentioned Star Wars, my dad is massively into films but not into Star Wars. He got me interested in Tarantino and older stuff and classics etc but perhaps if he’d been into Star Wars I would have grown up a fan as well?! Of course I have never seen it ha ha. Sorry for the ramble hopefully that made sense!!

        And I LOVE being called a silly goose 🙂

        Yeah I just can’t REMEMBER what the film and its dynamics felt like before I knew the twist. There’s other films with twists too but Fight Club really is a big’un! I totally understand your “is this for real?” look! I think the film tails out a little towards the end but it’s very entertaining.


        • It’s interesting to see how something even as trivial as movie preferences are influenced by our parents at such a young age. Fight Club is one of those films that loses its impact if you go into the film knowing what the outcome is.

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        • Definitely! I still remember the first time I watched From Dusk till Dawn and that was only really because of my dad. It was the movie that made me love movies 🙂

          Yeah definitely and you can’t help but constantly look for the clues (no matter how many times you’ve seen it) that Tyler doesn’t exist. It would just be fun to watch it totally ignorant!


  2. I’m with you on the Star Wars original trilogy. By the time I watched them, I already knew all the big plot twists. I still very much loved the movies, but I would love to watch them all for the first time without knowing those twists. I would want to be surprised by the revelations that Yoda is a Jedi Master and Darth Vader is Luke’s father. It would be amazing to walk into the theater and not know what was coming. That’s why I’m so excited for The Force Awakens; it’s the first Star Wars movie that’s a complete mystery to me. Great post!


    • I feel that unless you watch the Star Wars films while you’re young, they will be spoiled for you. Star Wars is such a huge part of today’s pop culture that there is no avoiding it. I remember watching the prequel trilogy and being excited for those and I am getting a similar feeling, especially as Thursday draws nearer. 😀 I’ve avoided everything except trailers like they were the plague so I know as little as possible going in.

      Thanks! I appreciate the comment on it.

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  3. I don’t know if this really counts, but I’d really love the chance to see myself watch Jaws for the first time – when the head came out of the boat I jumped really badly and I don’t even have the words to describe the noise I made, but I’ve always been kind of jealous of my parents that they got to see that, and have been able to tell everyone about it.

    Django Unchained would probably be another one that I’d want to see for the first time again purely just for the film and not because of any way I might’ve reacted to it. It was what got me into Tarantino films, had probably one of the funniest scenes in cinematic history that I was laughing about for days after, and opened my eyes to how fantastic Christoph Waltz is as an actor. Plus with it being my first Tarantino film, I didn’t really know what to expect regarding his style of film. Overall I just really enjoyed it, and I felt very naughty being allowed to watch it as at the time I was only 14 😉

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    • I didn’t think about watching yourself watching a film for the first time. That’s so meta. 😛 I remember jumping at that moment, too. Ooh, Kira, you naughty girl. 😛 Django Unchained was only ‘meh’ for me, but I know many people who share your enthusiasm for it. Waltz was one of my favorite parts of it, too. Great choice! If I had to choose a Tarantino film to watch for the first time again, it would either be Pulp fiction or the Kill Bills… but probably Pulp Fiction.

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    • Thanks, Dan. I appreciate the comment. I think that’s true for many people. So much so that I think some people don’t understand how groundbreaking and important it really was for cinema and an entire generation. See, that’s one of the great thing about Star Wars: it brings people together. 🙂 Pulp Fiction would be one of my choices, too.

      Thanks for commenting!

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    • I couldn’t imagine what the theater was like during the first showings of Psycho. I’d have to agree with you, it had to be tense. That would be something to experience. If only I had a time machine…

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  4. I would go back and relive Space Jam for the first time. That movie is just epic and it’s really nostalgic thinking back on it. Great post dude


    • Oh, man. Space Jam was the thing back in the 90s! If you didn’t watch it, you were treated like a leper. I watched that again a few years ago and easily understood why Michael Jordan was never in another movie… His skills are much more suited for basketball than acting. Tom, If you didn’t start singing the theme song when you were writing that comment, I’ll be very disappointed in you. 😛 Thanks, man. And thank you for commenting on it.

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  5. If we’re talking formative experiences: Raiders of the Lost Ark. I was 11. I came out of the cinema a changed person.

    But I’d also include stuff like 2001, Blue Velvet, Wings of Desire, and Pulp Fiction.


    • Nice! Good pick. What about it was so awe inspiring for you?

      Raiders was actually the last one I saw of the Indiana Jones trilogy. I saw Temple of Doom first, then The Last Crusade, and finally Raiders of the Lost Ark. Pulp Fiction is a very popular choice for this topic.

      Thanks for commenting, Niall. 🙂

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      • Everything! I can still remember going home afterwards and excitedly telling/pantomiming the film to my mother, and she looked horrified as I was so excited she probably thought I was about to have a fit


        • I can just imagine the discussion with your mom.
          You: “And then they opened the ark and one of the Nazi’s had his face melted. It was so cool!”
          Your mom: “.. His face did what?!”

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  6. • Sixth Sense – whose ending was not spoiled for me – would be my pick. I remember almost dropping my popcorn. I’m so stinking analytical, yet I never saw that ending coming. What a great moment. I wonder what I’d say if I could go back in time, pause the movie before the end, and get my theory on what I thought was gonna happen.

    • I’ve wondered – often – what it would be like watching Alien it in a theater.

    • Watching Empire not knowing Vader’s reveal would be up there.

    • And MovieManJackson has me thinking about Psycho.


    • Nice pick. I have not seen The Sixth Sense, but I do know the ending (which I only recently learned), so I’m contemplating how much I actually want to watch it now. I imagine watching Alien in theaters would be similar to watching Jaws in theaters.

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  7. I was fortunate to actually see Star Wars (before it was A New Hope) when it released in theaters. I was just a kid then, but I watched it at a drive-in in the back of a station wagon with my family and it was monumental in how powerfully it affected me. That experience still resonants and I doubt could be duplicated. But there is a film, which I consider the greatest piece of cinema ever made that profoundly changed how I looked at film. Blade Runner, which today seems like a cliche title to pick as a “greatest” was mostly dismissed by critics at the time, was the most stirring experience I had ever had, and eclipsed Star Wars as the best movie I had ever seen. I sat in the theater in dumbstruck awe and went right out and started drawing pictures, collecting books and magazines and anything I could find about the movie. To this day, I watch it regularly and still find it a truly great movie. The cinematography, direction, acting, and story all were so fresh and new for me and I remember sitting there realizing that movies could really be something more that what I expected. Great topic, Drew!


    • Seeing A New Hope in theaters back in the day would have been a sight to see. It was supposed to bomb at the box office but ended up being a huge hit resulting in droves of people lined up at the theater. Blade Runner is an interesting choice. I have only seen bits and pieces of it but I really need to watch the entire thing, especially after hearing how deeply it affected you. Thanks, David!

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  8. wow. what a great topic. I think Back to the Future and ET because of the magical feelings when watching them for the first time. Of course, there are tons of others id pick too, like the SW trilogy, the Indiana Jones trilogy, Shawshank and The Dark Knight!


  9. The Star Wars triogy is a great shout. I knew the big Darth Vader revelation before as popular culture so it would have been nice to see it without knowing. The Usual Suspects would be mine. Saw it without knowing the spoiler, but would love to see it as an older and wiser film viewer.


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