Lightning Review: 12 Angry Men

This review was originally posted by Cara on Silver Screen Serenade as part of the Resolutions 2016 series.

12 Angry Men movie posterSynopsis
One juror tries to convince the rest of the jury that the case is not as simple as it seems.

12 Angry Men has been highly recommended to me by my uncle, who absolutely loves it. I haven’t been the biggest fan of courtroom dramas but since we like many of the same movies, I decided to give it a try. The entire movie takes place in a single room and what the film makers were able to accomplish with such a simple set up is very impressive. There is nothing shown of the actual trial, so as the audience, we don’t have any information about the case except for what the jurors tell us. As the movie progresses, we are given a piece here and a bit there as Juror #8 addresses his concerns about the evidence to the rest of the group. At the beginning, the vote is 11-to-1 for a guilty verdict so Juror #8 has a big task in front of him. Since the movie doesn’t change scenes, the tension is created by all of the different personalities of the jurors. Even though the film was 95 minutes long, the twelve jurors felt fleshed out simply by how they analyzed the evidence and what they said. The trial’s epilogue was very short and I would have liked to have seen what actually happened at the crime.

I thought 12 Angry Men was GOOD :-). It was suspenseful and dramatic. Despite my low affinity for courtroom drama, 12 Angry Men managed to keep my attention the whole way through.


Cast & Crew
Sidney Lumet – Director
Reginald Rose – Writer
Kenyon Hopkins – Composer

Martin Balsam – Juror #1
John Fiedler – Juror #2
Lee J. Cobb – Juror #3
EG Marshall – Juror #4
Jack Klugman – Juror #5
Edward Binns – Juror #6
Jack Warden – Juror #7
Henry Fonda – Juror #8
Joseph Sweeney – Juror #9
Ed Begley – Juror #10
George Voskovec – Juror #11
Robert Webber – Juror #12

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