Ultimate 80s Blogathon Kickoff: Top Gun

It’s finally here! The Ultimate 80s Blogathon has arrived.  Starting today and running for the next four weeks, Kim and I will bombard your news feed with movies that our fellow bloggers have chosen as the best of the decade.  If you don’t already follow Kim, go give her a follow so you can read all the entries of the blogathon.  If you do miss any, Kim has a running list on her site here.

The response has been overwhelming and we can’t thank you guys enough for participating.  We hope you have as much fun reading these reviews as we have.  The submissions have covered a wide range of genres and styles from the 80s so I think you will find something you will enjoy.  Kim gave her choice earlier today, now it is my turn.  Be sure to be by tomorrow for the next entry in the blogathon.

Top Gun movie posterSynopsis
United States Navy airmen Maverick (Tom Cruise) and Goose (Anthony Edwards) are chosen to go to the Navy’s premier school for Navy fighter pilots: Top Gun.

I’m going to go about this review a little bit different than my normal reviews. Since this is my entry for the Ultimate 80s Blogathon, I’m going to list the reasons why I think it is the ultimate 80s movie.

  1. Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise’s career started in the early 80s. Risky Business is where he began to get some traction but Cruise didn’t really become a household name until Top Gun. It would be a little bit longer until he became as popular as other action stars of the era, such as Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger but he definitely was on his way and it began here.Tom Cruise in Top Gun
  2. The Music. You could say that the entire decade of the 80s was defined by hair bands and the rock guitar. The Top Gun Anthem immediately invokes feelings of a different era.

    Kenny Loggins was at a career high in the 80s as well. He did songs for films such as Caddyshack and Footloose. His single, Danger Zone, is almost as iconic as the film itself.
  3. The action. I really like action films of the 80s because of the camera work during the fight sequences. Despite most of the action taking place in the air, the camera allows you to see what is going on. I don’t think shaky-cam was really a thing back then, but the setting would be ripe for the technique in today’s cinema. Thankfully, the movie is filmed in a way that doesn’t become too disorienting.
  4. The script. I don’t know what it is about action films but they have some of the cheesiest lines, especially when trying to throw a romantic sub-plot into the mix. The thing with Top Gun is the action sequences will make you jump from your seat with excitement but the dialogue will leave you scratching your head.
  5. The mustaches. Seriously, you only find mustaches like those on police officers, porn stars, and pictures from the 80s. If you don’t know anything about the setting of the movie and you see a screen shot like these, you instantly know it’s from the 80s.

I thought Top Gun was GREAT :-D. Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards make such a fun pair. The high octane action was very well shot, keeping the camera tight and focused, even while filming fighter planes roaring through the sky. Kenny Loggin’s “Danger Zone” and Harold Faltermeyer’s rocking score just make you want to tap your foot and bang your head rock-n-roll style while watching the film. Top Gun is undeniably corny, from the script to the action. It is the epitome of an 80s movie, thus being my pick for the blogathon.

Favorite Quote
Maverick: I feel the need…
Maverick and Goose: …The need for speed.


Cast & Crew
Tony Scott – Director
Jim Cash – Writer
Jack Epps Jr. – Writer
Harold Faltermeyer – Composer

Tom Cruise – Maverick
Anthony Edwards – Goose
Kelly McGillis – Charlie
Val Kilmer – Iceman
Rick Rossovich – Slider
Tom Skerritt – Viper
Michael Ironside – Jester
Tim Robbins – Merlin
John Stockwell – Cougar
Whip Hubley – Hollywood
Barry Tubb – Wolfman
Meg Ryan – Carole
Randall Brady – Lt. Davis

24 thoughts on “Ultimate 80s Blogathon Kickoff: Top Gun

  1. I agree Top Gun is great fun, if you double-bill it with Rocky IV you get some of the best montages to the best/worst 80s music.
    Looking back 1986 was a great summer for fun movies what with Top Gun, Aliens, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Stand By Me and The Fly; and for a nice back to school treat, we got Blue Velvet in the fall.

    Good luck with the blogathon!

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  2. Good review of an 80s classic. This cheese has aged to be even cheesier. And no mention of homoerotic volleyball 😉 hahaha. I can’t help but think of Tarantino’s speech now when I watch Top Gun. But loved the real jets used for action scenes. RIP Tony Scott.


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