Deadpool Review

Deadpool movie posterSynopsis
When Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) gets diagnosed with terminal cancer, he agrees to undergo experimentation that would grant him super powers.

I have been waiting to see Deadpool on screen for some time. It looked like we were going to get a good Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but think we all know how that turned out. We got a good Wade Wilson but their Deadpool was an abomination. He is one of my favorite comic characters and it hurt to see him treated in that way. But now, he finally has a proper movie. Does Deadpool deliver everything the character’s fans were hoping for? You bet your chimi-fucking-changas it does!

Much like Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal of Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, he perfectly brings the character to life here again. He never shuts up, always cracking jokes, being a vulgar smart-ass, and constantly talks to the audience. Even his appearance, from his skin post-transformation and his costume are pulled straight from the comic book. Everything about Deadpool was on point. This was the truest adaptations of a comic character in a long time.

This is not your typical comic book movie. Some comic book movies will tone down the action and language to get a PG-13 rating. If Deadpool had tried that, this movie would have failed miserably. Deadpool is a character that deserves the R-rating. He is very foul-mouthed, over-the-top violent, and unrefined. To do anything less would have been a disservice to the character. If you are expecting a movie along the lines of Iron Man, go look elsewhere. When you watch Deadpool, expect a lot of blood, guts, exploding heads, dismemberment, and f-bombs.

As I’ve mentioned before, Reynolds did a fantastic job the first time as the character. He is even better the second time around, especially since he spends more than five minutes as Wade Wilson. I believe Deadpool would not have worked as well if anyone besides Reynolds was in the red spandex. Reynolds has both the comedic timing and action skills to pull off all aspects of the character.

It seems each new comic book movie is longer than the last. Deadpool clocks in at 108 minutes. As a result, it moves pretty fast. The studio knows what the audience wants to see, so there is no extra fluff. It starts off with a big action scene, then the back story is slowly sprinkled in. The number of characters is fairly small so there is nothing more than what is necessary. I almost wanted the movie to be longer! I was having so much fun that I didn’t want it to end.

I think my only gripe is that between the several trailers, much of the great moments from the bridge fight scene in the were spoiled. This scene on the bridge takes a good chunk of the movie so it was disappointing when the scene kept going and I felt like I had seen it already.

I thought Deadpool was GREAT :-D. Ryan Reynolds perfectly captures Deadpool, who is true to his comic book counterpart. The action is comically over-the-top and a quick run time keeps the movie focused. I knew I was in for a treat when the opening credits, before anyone even speaks, made me laugh.

Favorite Quote
It’s a big house. It’s weird that I only ever see two of you. Almost like the studio couldn’t afford another X-Man. -Deadpool


Cast & Crew
Tim Miller – Director
Rhett Reese – Writer
Paul Wernick – Writer
Tom Holkenbog – Composer

Ryan Reynolds – Wade Wilson / Deadpool
Ed Skrein – Ajax
TJ Miller – Weasel
Morena Baccarin – Vanessa
Stefan Kapicic – Colossus (voice)
Brianna Hildebrand – Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Gina Carano – Angel Dust
Karen Soni – Dopinder
Leslie Uggams – Blind Al

19 thoughts on “Deadpool Review

  1. Yes! I agree with everything you’ve said here. I think when you look at it as a whole, it’s quite a small movie, so that leaked bridge footage did kind of spoil that a little. But at least there was new content in there. I’m just so glad this lived up to my (very high) expectations!
    – Allie


    • You’re right. Between bouncing back and forth between that scene and flashbacks, that scene itself wasn’t very long but it ended up consuming a large part of the film. There was so much other great stuff that it really didn’t matter. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who was expecting a lot! It passed those expectations with flying colors.


  2. Great review! After watching it, I didn’t love it *quite* as much as I had been hoping to, though it was tough to put my finger on why. Sometimes I’ve actually liked movies better when I watch them a second time, so I’d like to see this again. That said, I think they definitely took the right direction with the character, and Ryan Reynolds is perfect for the role. I’m looking forward to his next adventure, now that they have the origin story out of the way.


    • Thanks! That’s too bad. I thought that it was exactly what I was hoping for. Hopefully it will grow on you after your next viewing. Bringing in Cable for the sequel is a fantastic idea and I can’t wait to see what they do in the next film.

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  3. Good review. This movie was hilarious. I loved all the comic book references too, like Rob Liefeld’s coffee in the totally awesome opening credits. I can’t wait for Cable, if the Bueller closing credit scene gets non comic book fans to ask who this time traveling bad ass is. You mention the pacing… that’s the only thing that harmed this movie. For me, there was too much Wade flashbacks, but I like that it was back n forth vs all at once. My fav bits involve Colussus, like the Monty Python fight. Super fun overall though. This 90s comic nerd was satisfied with the adaption and can’t wait for more.


    • Thanks! I didn’t put it together that “Rob L.” meant Rob Liefeld until some time after I watched it. Of course a fourth wall breaking movie was going to parody another great fourth wall breaking movie. I can’t wait for Cable! I didn’t mind the back and forth too much. It allowed the movie to start big and continuously stay that way. I started reading Deadpool with Daniel Way’s run starting in 2008. It’s probably one of my favorite comic runs of all time.

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