Lightning Review: Black Sheep

Black Sheep movie posterSynopsis
Mike Donnelly (Chris Farley) wants to help his brother Al (Tim Matheson) win the election for the governor of Washington. Al assigns Steve Dodds (David Spade) to keep Mike occupied so he doesn’t ruin his election campaign.

Chris Farley and David Spade made such a great pair in Tommy Boy so it was only right that they would team up again. Black Sheep has the same heart but it doesn’t doesn’t hit the same highs as their first film collaboration. Both Farley and Spade play similar characters with Farley being the goofball screw up and Spade being the “responsible” one to look over him. It’s a dynamic that works for these two. However, the film is written in a way that the jokes feel few and far between. Several scenes last too long, seemingly simply to fill the runtime, which is a brisk eighty-seven minutes. There are moments that are genuinely funny but the time between them isn’t really worth the wait. Besides Farley and Spade, the rest of the characters don’t do very much and none of them were particularly enjoyable besides Gary Busey, whose character is as Gary Busey-y as you would expect.

I thought Black Sheep was OK :-|. Its heart is in the right place and Chris Farley and David Spade once again make a great comedy pair but the material isn’t there for them to really play off each other to their best abilities.

Favorite Quote
Motorcycle Cop: Now, I don’t know how you do things up in “Buckleytown” but down here we are protective of the other drivers on the roads.
Steve Dobbs: [High in the back seat] Ro-ads. Rooooads.
Mike Donnelly: [Imitating a police officer] Quite back there! Taken enough guff from you for one day, raving psycho. Butchered 400 chickens and screwed a beagle. Taking him back to Nevada where he is wanted for banging horses.
Motorcycle Cop: Good, God! Can you get him through the state a little faster than seven miles an hour, officer…?
Mike: Uh, Mehoff. Jack. [Turns to Steve and mouths] Jack me off.


Cast & Crew
Penelope Spheeris – Director
Fred Wolf – Writer
William Ross – Composer

Chris Farley – Mike Donnelly
David Spade – Steve Dodds
Tim Matheson – Al Donnelly
Christine Eversole – Governor Tracy
Gary Busey – Drake Sabitch
Grant Heslov – Robbie Mieghem
Timothy Carhart – Roger Kovary
Bruce McGill – Neuschwander
Michael Patrick Carter – Scott Colleary
Boyd Banks – Clyde Spinoza
David St. James – Motorcycle Cop

8 thoughts on “Lightning Review: Black Sheep

  1. Permission to use the descriptor ‘Gary Busey-y’ in the next review I write for something with him in it. That for some reason is a funny expression to me. I’d like to use it sometime.

    And it’s too bad this isn’t better. Still all these years and I haven’t watched Black Sheep since I figured it couldn’t possibly be better than Tommy Boy.


    • Permission granted. Although you will have to pay me royalties for its use. 😛 It’s probably the double ‘y.’

      Unless you are a super fan of either Farley or Spade, you aren’t missing much. It was a fun follow up to Tommy Boy but that feeling is there that they could have done something better together. It’s unfortunate that they never got that chance to try again.

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  2. I loved this movie, I sometimes have trouble telling Tommy Boy and Black Sheep apart because after watching them in bits and pieces over the year. The scene that still kills me is when they are sleeping and its hailing in their cabin.


    • They are very similar so I can see how they can begin to run together after some time. That is such a great scene! When Farley tells Spade to shut up after it starts hailing, all I could think of is “Shut up, Richard.”


  3. I’m more of a “Tommy Boy” aficionado but “Black Sheep” has its moments. I might just have to dust this one off and give it another watch soon. Thanks for reminding me of its existence!


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