Trailer Round-Up – 3/20/17

Free Fire international trailer #2

Smurfs: The Lost Village trailer #2

Despicable Me 3 trailer #2

Life red band trailer

Coco teaser trailer

Megan Leavey

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Early Man teaser trailer

Voice from the Stone

The Secret Scripture international trailer

Transformers: The Last Knight trailer #2

Which of these films are you excited to see?

5 thoughts on “Trailer Round-Up – 3/20/17

    • I see, you’re *that* person. Haha I’m that person too because despite the questionable quality, I’ve seen each of them in the theater. It can’t be worse than Age of Extinction (I say knocking on wood).

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        • I love the dinobots, too! The problem I had with it was they were in the movie way too disproportional to what the marketing made it seem, so it became more of a let down than a pleasant surprise. And another issue for me was it was nearly 3 hours long but could have been condensed into a half hour and it’d be the same movie. Although, the Hong Kong scenes were some of the coolest of the film.

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