Trailer Round-Up – 10/2/17

Pitch Perfect 3 trailer #2


Geostorm trailer #3

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Annihilation teaser trailer

Acts of Vengeance

Darkest Hour international trailer

Father Figures

Father Figures red band trailer

Which of these films are you excited to see?

7 thoughts on “Trailer Round-Up – 10/2/17

  1. Nice collection of trailers you have here, I’m very curious about Annihilation and that Gotti film looks interesting, though I fear that trailer showed most of the key story beats.


    • That’s one of the problem with trailers these days. I have a friend who doesn’t watch any for that reason and I am really considering not watching the latest star wars trailer because the director said it gives too much away.

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      • I know, I’ve started a rule where, unless it’s completely necessary or I’m DYING to see it, I won’t watch any trailers or will watch one once. As for The Last Jedi, I had to see the new trailer and to be honest I get what some people are saying, but I believe just like The Force Awakens it is just a load of fancy clips showing stuff out of context. I’d say stay away for the sake of being super fresh, but all I’ll say is that the film is gonna be damn good, I have a good feeling.


        • I’m fine with trailers for the most part, this is a weekly feature for them after all. It’s just that occasionally you get one that tells way too much about the story rather than a simple taste. The worst part is you don’t really know it’s revealing too much until it’s too late.

          Speaking of Star Wars, I sent you a pm a little while ago if you didn’t see it.


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