Trailer Round-Up – 10/23/17

Black Panther

I, Tonya teaser trailer

Wonder trailer #3


12 Strong

Which of these films are you excited to see?

4 thoughts on “Trailer Round-Up – 10/23/17

  1. Black Panther is the only trailer I’ve watched and I’m excited about it for obvious reasons, besides the fact that it’s another superhero film, I have been a fan of the character and world from the comics, but have never read the comics. But after his introduction in Civil War, I was stupidly hyped for his solo film. And so far the trailers have only raised my hype levels to the max. The world looks great, the cast is insane, the costumes, technology and world of Wakanda look awesome and the colours, ooooooo they look lovely. Beyond that, I haven’t watched any of the other trailers because I have no clue about those films, though I. Tonya I’ve heard a lot about and I like Margot Robbie so I’ll watch it regardless. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • However, I do think they should have not revealed Killgrave’s jaguar costume in the trailer. We already knew Klaw was going to be the villain and at least working with Killgrave, it would have been a nice surprise to see him in the suit for the first time in the theater.

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      • Oh yeah for sure, I guess every trailer needs that ‘wow’ moment or that at least shocks you into wanting to see the film more. Killmonger’s costume reveal definitely would have been more effective in film but here’s hoping there’ll be more notable surprises in the final film.

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