Trailer Round-Up – 12/4/17

Paddington 2 trailer #2

Love, Simon

Avengers: Infinity War

Mary Magdalene international trailer

All the Money in the World


Acts of Violence

Midnight Sun

Which of these films are you excited for?

3 thoughts on “Trailer Round-Up – 12/4/17

  1. Hey man, nice selection of trailers, though you know I’m only here to talk about one in particular… That Avengers trailer, damn. While it’s not the best trailer in the world, it is honestly one of the most epic trailers I’ve seen for years. From seeing all the characters to Thanos to the monologue from the first Avengers with the different characters saying the lines, to the use of the theme song. It was all put together so well with a sense of drama, scope and weight because of everything that’s come in the MCU so far. Now, this film could just be okay or could suck, but with the Russo Brothers at the helm and the awesomeness that is Kevin Feige I have a hard time being anything but being hyped over the moon πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›


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