Trailer Round-Up – 1/8/18

Fifty Shades Freed trailer #2

Death Wish trailer #2

Slender Man

Truth or Dare


Midnight Sun trailer #2


Which of these films are you excited to see?

9 thoughts on “Trailer Round-Up – 1/8/18

  1. Nostalgia looks interesting, reminded me of Six Degrees of Separation in a way. Slender Man… Ugh. Besides the fact that the film feels a few years too late, it looks so plain, generic and devoid of the aspects that made the character so creepy and interesting in the first place. I never followed his online origins, but with the games, I thought that dude was fucking weird and some of the stories about his origins sound like it’d make for good film material. That being said, they’ve just stripped all that and made a film that barely resembles its source material.


  2. I am also impressed by what I see in the “Nostalgia” trailer. It has been awhile since I seen Ellen Burstyn in anything, but I have been a fan of hers since her appearing in “Requiem for a Dream”. I now have high hopes for “Nostalgia”


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