Movie Quote of the Week – 2/9/18

Answer to MWL 2/7/18: Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal) – Brokeback Mountain

We could have had a good life together. Fucking real good life. Had us a place of our own. But you didn’t want it, Ennis. So what we got now is Brokeback Mountain! Everything’s built on that! That’s all we got, boy. Fucking all. So I hope you know that if you don’t never know the rest. God damn it. You count the damn few times that we have been together in nearly twenty years and you measure the short fucking leash you keep me on and then you ask me about Mexico and you tell me you’ll kill me for needin’ somethin’ I don’t hardly never get! You have no idea how bad it gets. And I’m not you. I can’t make it on a couple high-altitude fucks once or twice a year. You are too much for me, Ennis. You son of a whoreson bitch. I wish I knew how to quit you. -Jack Twist

Thanks for everyone’s submissions and 500 points to the following people for answering correctly:

Damien (Riley on Film)
Allie (Often Off Topic)

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