Nerve Review

Nerve movie posterSynopsis
Nerve is an online game where “watchers” create dares for the “players.” Vee (Emma Roberts) joins the game and meets Ian (Dave Franco). As the game goes on, Vee realizes there is a sinister secret to Nerve.

Nerve is a movie that is an interesting place. It portrays anonymity on the internet, online fame, and the power of social media, something that is very present in society today. The commentary is relative to the explosion of the internet and increase in popularity of social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. It knows the message it wants to get across and for most of the film, it is woven into the story well. However, once the movie begins to ramp up to the conclusion, it gets heavy handed, really driving home what it’s trying to convey. Up until then, it was enjoyable. As someone who is constantly on the internet, knowing the basic premise of the film and its look at online culture was enough to get me interested in the film. Yet it took a little while for me to get into the characters. It’s not until the middle act of the movie that things get engaging.

Emma Roberts as Vee was a different role than I’m used to seeing her in. Normally, she plays the snotty or mean girl. But here, she plays a more shy and reserved type of character and she has no problem pulling it off. Dave Franco is a fun complement to Roberts. The two of them together mesh well and their relationship feels believable. The other characters serve little more than to act like different perspectives into the movie’s social commentary. As a result, they get little screen time as the movie focuses mainly on Roberts’ and Franco’s characters.

I thought Nerve was OK 😐 While Emma Roberts and Dave Franco are an entertaining pairing, it took a little too long for me to really get into the film. Then just as it was hitting its stride, it slaps you over the head with its social commentary. Despite that, I really enjoyed the message of this cautionary tale.


Cast & Crew
Henry Joost – Director
Ariel Schulman – Director
Jessica Sharzer – Screenplay
Rob Simonsen – Composer

Emma Roberts – Vee
Dave Franco – Ian
Emily Meade – Sydney
Miles Heizer – Tommy
Juliette Lewis – Nancy
Kimiko Glenn – Liv
Colson Baker – Ty
Brian Marc – JP
Ed Squires – Chuck

6 thoughts on “Nerve Review

  1. Great review Drew! I watched this one a while ago expecting it to be a bit of stupid fun, and honestly I kind of loved it. It definitely spun off a bit towards the end but I thought it was better than the trailer made it out to be 🙂


    • Thanks, Allie! Glad to hear you enjoyed this one. Yea, the ending gets kind of crazy. But until then, there is some fun to be had. A pleasant surprise is always a nice surprise.


    • Thanks! It’s always a nice surprise when you don’t think you’ll enjoy something very much but you end up enjoying it a lot.
      Thanks for sharing your article, Shiv, and thanks for commenting. 🙂


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