A Christmas Story Review: Christmas in July Blogathon 2019

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Welcome to the penultimate day for the sixth annual Christmas in July Blogathon and last day of guest reviews! Up first today is Damien of Riley on Film and The Damien Riley Podcast. Damien reviews a variety of film genres on his site and podcast but as a particular affinity for horror films. Go give his sites a read and podcasts a listen, especially if you like horror movies. While there are several Christmas horror films, for this blogathon, Damien chose to review the comedy classic A Christmas Story.

A Christmas Story movie posterA Christmas Story – Electric Sex in the Family Room Window

It’s hot outside and I am thrilled to be able to cool off imagining Christmastime for this movie challenge. Whatever time of year it is, I can always get into the spirit of Christmas by rewatching “A Christmas Story” directed by Bob Clark. It has just enough off-color humor to not bore and still accent the nostalgic visuals of a boy and his family humorously living in the 1940’s.

Director Bob Clark was a true visionary. He is ironically also well known for his horror film “Black Christmas.” Clark takes familiar American settings and visits sarcasm upon them. The result is a hilarious film that pulls no punches. A lot of us guys were “Ralphie” at some point, wanting a bee bee gun and asking every Santa on the street we saw for it. Our teacher, our parent, in like fashion all said “You’ll shoot you’re eye out.” Ah the humanity..

Besides having relatable characters like Ralphie, the film has symbols that everyone can identify with. Ralphie’s middle class dad strains after the daily crossword every night in order to win a “Major award.” It ends up being a tawdry and kitsch leg lamp that he emblazons from the window. Ralphie’s narrator calls it “Electric sex in the front window.” This much to the chagrin of Ralphie’s mother who has all the charm of every mother among us combined and then some.

There’s a famous scene here where Flick, Raplhie’s friend, Puts his tongue on a frozen pole on a bet. Most of us can recall similar dares which is why so many people love this movie. We aren’t laughing at Flick, we’re recalling our own childhoods. Bob Clark is truly in touch. We get to know so many characters here: the father, mother, little brother, Flick, the teacher, Scott Farkus, the “bully,” and a few other core ones. Interspersed between tales from Ralph’s youth, we get the traditional trappings of Christmas like Santa and the classic carols. The cinematography is also great, bringing us back to the 40’s.

This is one I’ve seen countless times and I look forward to watching it this year a few times as well. I highly recommend it, I give it a 10/10. Merry Christmas in July.

I am a Guest Author: Damien Riley

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For our holiday party, Damien is inviting the fiery vixen Jessica Chastain.

Jessica Chastain

Excellent invite, Damien! Great to have a fellow redhead at the party. 😉

The final guest entry for this year’s blogathon comes from someone I have worked with many times here on DMR and whom you all should be familiar with.

Until next time, cheers!

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