Badly Drawn Christmas Movie Posters: Christmas in July Blogathon 2020

Hello, friends!

Welcome to the official start of the seventh annual Christmas in July Blogathon! That’s right, the fan favorite blogathon has returned for the seventh year in a row now! For the next six days, we will be celebrating Christmas and the holiday season here at DMR. Starting off this year’s blogathon once again is Queen Christmas herself, Allie from Often Off Topic. Allie reviews a variety of films on her site, gives updates on her life as a mom of a little daughter, shares lists, and is a frequent participant in the Thursday Movie Picks. Make sure to go check her site out if you arenโ€™t familiar with it. Of all those who ask me about this blogathon, Allie is by far the most eager to join in.ย  For her entry this year, Allie is bringing one of her new (and regular?) features: Badly Drawn Movie Posters. I’ll let Allie explain more below. Enjoy!

How many years has Drew been hosting my favourite blogathon now? I lost count, but I think I’ve taken part every year. This could, however, be the first year I’ve submitted my entry on time.

In previous years I’ve listed my favourite Christmas movies, defended Die Hard as being classed as a Christmas movie, picked which Christmas movies I can’t wait to watch with my daughter and suffered through the Star Wars Christmas Special movie. This year, after having a lot of fun hosting a Zoom quiz round on movie based on posters that I had badly recreated, I decided to do it again.

So, I present to you… 5 badly drawn Christmas movie posters! All drawn by yours truly whilst binging my latest Netflix obsession, Modern Family. Can you guess them all? I’ll pop the answers at the bottom of this post.

Now… my favourite part of Drew’s Christmas in July blogathon is that he hosts a party, and we get to bring any celebrity guest we would like, particularly someone we would like to meet under the mistletoe. In previous years I’ve invited Chris Pratt, Dan Stevens… and practically the whole male cast of the Star Wars sequels… oh and Keanu Reeves too! I’m starting to run out of options. I also can’t help but feel that in a Coronavirus-filled world, we might be forced to be socially distanced at this party… so I can’t bring someone too irresistible.

My lockdown TV obsession has been Modern Family. I haven’t seen a single episode before but now I’m wondering what to do with my life when I finish Season 7 as that’s all the UK Netflix has! So Drew, to your party this year, I’m bringing my Modern Family BFFs, Mitchell and Cam!

Oh and if my terrible drawings have left you scratching your head…here are the answers!

Great drawings, Allie! To answer your question, as mentioned in the opening, this is the seventh year I have hosted this blogathon and you have been participating for six of the seven years! Fun fact: the only person that has participated in every blogathon is Rob from MovieRob, whom we’ll see soon. Even I had to skip one year for personal reasons so you have been in as many Christmas in July Blogathons as I have! Thank you once again Allie for joining in and kicking off this blogathon. Cameron and Mitchell are two of my favorite characters from Modern Family and they will bring so much entertainment to our party. Great choices!

And thank you, reader, for checking out the start of this year’s Christmas in July Blogathon. Come back tomorrow for an entry from the newest member of the Christmas in July Blogathon family, joining us for their second year in a row.

How many of Allie’s badly drawn Christmas movie posters did you guess correctly?

Until next time, cheers!

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