Ultimate Decades Blogathon 2021: The Devil’s Backbone (2001) by Movies and Tea Podcast

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Closing out the first week of the blogathon is a close friend of Kim. As you might know, Kim is involved in many projects on her blog, Tranquil Dreams. One of which, is the Movies and Tea podcasts that she co-hosts with Elwood Jones from From the Depths of DVD Hell. Together, Kim and Elwood go through a spotlighted directors filmography each season. They are currently reviewing their way through David Fincher’s filmography so be sure to give their recent episodes a listen. Today, Kim and Elwood are sharing their episode of their podcast where they reviewed Guillermo Del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone.

The Devil's Backbone movie poster

Guillermo Del Toro has made a name for himself as a dark fantasy or gothic horror director. His stories and directorial abilities are quite outstanding with the different movies that he has released. While you can argue whether Pan’s Labyrinth is the breakout movie that makes it internationally, there’s one other movie that gets talks about quite a bit and that’s 2001’s The Devil’s Backbone aka El Espinazo Del Diablo.

Set in 1939 Spain during the final year of the Spanish Civil War, it takes place at an orphanage where coincidentally is also the site where a defused bomb also sits in the courtyard. Yet again, whether the human relationships between the adults or the orphans, there’s a deeper story that brews here especially as the story, despite all the other elements at its heart, is a ghost story. For those that haven’t explored the earlier Del Toro work, The Devil’s Backbone is one that truly deserves a visit.

For this episode, with the help of a guest Greg Sahadachny, we continue through the filmography of Del Toro and give a discussion of the many elements of this The Devil’s Backbone.

Below you can find the audio version as well as the Youtube audio podcast version and other places that you can listen to the show. Hope you enjoy!

Listen to the Show


Movies and Tea Podcast site address: https://moviesandteapodcast.wordpress.com/

If you’ve missed any of the entries, you can find a list of them all here.

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    Wrapping up the Ultimate Decades Blogathon is a previous podcast from Movies and Tea Podcast for 2001’s The Devil’s Backbone! Head over to Drew’s Movie Reviews to check out the post and give it a listen!


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