Ultimate Decades Blogathon 2021 Conclusion

Hello, friends!

I hope you enjoyed the new format of the blogathon. While Kim and I had fun looking at everyone’s picks for their favorite films from a spotlight decade, we wanted to shake things up a big after covering 50 years of film. Switching to a format that spans decades opens up for many more possibilities. Our participants did not disappoint! We had films reviewed that were released just one decade ago all the way up to 10 decades ago! Here is the full list of participants and entries for the sixth annual Ultimate Decades Blogathon:

Drew’s Movie Reviews – Bridesmaids (2011)

Tranquil Dreams – Spirited Away (2001)

 Plain, Simple Tom Reviews – The Kid (1921)

MovieRob – The Maltese Falcon (1931)

Movies and TeaThe Devil’s Backbone (2001)

18 Cinema LaneThe Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971)

Often Off Topic – Through the Decades (1971 – 2011)

Starry Traveler’s RoadShrek (2001)

Tranquil Dreams – Fight Back to School (1991)

Drew’s Movie Reviews – The Cannonball Run (1981)

Apparently 2001 is popular amongst our participants! I encourage you to read any of the posts you missed. They were truly some great entries this year. Before we officially conclude, here’s a few words from my co-host:

In a blink of an eye, the sixth annual Ultimate Decades Blogathon has come to end! This year was pretty special for us as we took the step to change up the format from the previous one which opened up a variety of choices through the decades which also triggers some interesting entries surprisingly spanning back to the 1920s and 1930s, decades that are rather unfamiliar for myself. With that said, a huge thank you to all of the participants and their wonderful reviews as well as anyone who dropped by to read, commented and liked the posts as well as a big thank you for my awesome co-host Drew. Its always a ton of fun to do the blogathon and hopefully next year, we will see you all again for another blogathon hosted by myself and Drew. Finally, in these crazy times, take care and stay safe!

With those words, the Ultimate Decades Blogathon 2021 has officially concluded! Thanks again to all of the participants and your enthusiasm. This blogathon is always a blast to put together and see what you all come up with. Another thank you to Kim, you are such a wonderful co-host and I thank you for working with me every year to put this together. And finally, a thank you to all you readers. There wouldn’t be a blogathon without people to enjoy the content. Hopefully you found a new blog or two to follow.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay positive. Stay weird.

Until next time, cheers!

5 thoughts on “Ultimate Decades Blogathon 2021 Conclusion

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    Its time for the conclusion of Ultimate Decades Blogathon! A big thank you to our participants and my co-host as well all the readers! Head on over to Drew’s Movie Reviews for the full conclusion post!

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  2. I hope We’re All Fruit Salad!: The Wiggles’ Greatest Hits will be in next year’s blogathon ❤️💙💛💜


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