Last Night in Soho Review

Last Night in Soho movie posterSynopsis
Eloise (Thomasin McKenzie), a fashion design student in London, begins experiencing visions of a 1960s aspiring singer named Sandie (Anya Taylor-Joy). Eloise soon learns that these visions are a dark truth from the past.

Edgar Wright has slowly risen on my list of notable directors. While I haven’t seen a lot of his filmography, everything that I have seen has been enjoyable and full of substance and emotion. Last Night in Soho has several great and unexpected twists towards the end. On top of that, the lead up to those twists and reveals is full of excitement and had me on the edge of my seat (even getting a few jumps out of me). The two lead actresses, Thomasin McKenzie and Anya Taylor-Joy, absolutely carry this film and they have both marked themselves as rising stars.

I thought Last Night in Soho was GOOD πŸ™‚ While not explicitly a Halloween film, Last Night in Soho is a perfect movie to watch when you need something to give you thrills during the spooky season.


Cast & Crew
Edgar Wright – Director / Story / Screenplay
Kyrsty Wilson-Cairns – Screenplay
Steven Price – Composer

Thomasin McKenzie – Eloise
Anya Taylor-Joy – Sandie
Matt Smith – Jack
Michael Ajao – John
Synnove Karlsen – Jocasta
Jessie Mei Li – Lara
Kassius Nelson – Cami
Rebecca Harrod – Ashley
Terence Stamp – Silver Haired Gentleman
Diana Rigg – Ms. Collins

10 thoughts on “Last Night in Soho Review

  1. Agree completely on Wright…strange to bring this out on Halloween weekend – but it is a film that is being squeezed out of the “let’s go to the movies” marketplace, which is so much superhero and animation now…intelligent thrillers seem to be ending up directly ons streaming services…this bombed in the US this weekend which won’t help other films like this going forward.

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  2. It was #MeToo the musical. Every dude in the theatre (who was dragged there by their women) was owed an apology. There was a perfect chance to let the twist redeem this dumpster fire, but instead it was all full of mixed messaging like: it’s okay to murder someone for paying to have sex. And sex workers are victims… and here I thought the current narrative was that sex work is empowering… #Garbage


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