Hey there!  I’m Drew and I like to consider myself a huge cinephile, so I thought I would share my love for movies with others.  I frequent the movie theater, have an extensive movie collection, and not to mention an internet connection, so I have a lot of movies available at my fingertips.  I’m not any sort of writer, just an ordinary dude expressing himself to the rest of the internet collective.  My reviews are written to answer the question “Drew, what do you think of this movie?”  I don’t write critiques, just reviews containing my thoughts, opinions, and how I felt overall about the film.

If there is a specific movie you would like me to review, let me know in a comment and I will do my best to review it. I thrive on recommendations, so please don’t hesitate to offer one.  Action movies and comedies are my favorite but I watch just about every genre.  All my reviews are spoiler free and I ask that you keep any comments spoiler-free, too. I rate films using the following scale:

OK 😐

Some Background On Me

I have always enjoyed movies and in recent years have started to amass quite the collection of DVDs and Blu-rays. When I was little, I remember watching my VHS copies of Aladdin and Toy Story every day, sometimes even multiple times a day! Drove my parents crazy and they still bring it up to this day. My dad is a Star Wars fan and I blame him for drawing me into a galaxy far far away and the obsession it is today. That love for movies continued throughout the years. When I got older, I would watch movies like Ocean’s Eleven and Wild Wild West frequently with my best friend (between the two of us we can quote both of those movies word for word). Once I got a job and could afford to buy my own stuff I began my movie collection.

I really enjoy recommending movies to friends. Professional movie reviews are good, but I feel the reviewers can be jaded at times. When I review a movie, it is not some highly detailed critique, but the point-of-view of someone who just likes to watch movies for the fun of it. We all have different tastes and you may not agree with some of my choices, and that’s OK. But in my experience, I have found that my friends and I get better recommendations from each other, rather than some professional reviewer. So I guess for the why I have this blog, and more importantly why you should read it, is because I consider myself an everyman, your friend. I am that person whose has a similar taste and can recommend a movie I know you will enjoy.

Site Features

I will try to post one movie review at least once every two weeks, but hopefully more frequently than that.  There are two types of reviews I write: full reviews and Lightning Reviews.  Full reviews are what the name implies, all of my thoughts are written out fully and in detail.  On the other hand, Lightning Reviews are just the basic points about my feelings of the movie.  Short and to the point.

In my review series titled Disney and a Beer, I review an animated Disney movie like a normal review, but I include a quick blurb about the beer I drank while watching said film. You can read the history about how this tradition of mine started in this article. The beer is rated on the scale Loved It, Enjoyed It, Liked It, Disliked It, Despised It.

Check out my Review Archive for all of my reviews.

Besides reviews, regular and semi-regular features include:
Trailer Round-Up (TRU): A gathering of new trailers released the previous week
Movie Whose Line (MWL): Every Wednesday, I post a movie quote and you make a guess as to who said it
Movie Quote of the Week: The weekly movie quote, at least includes the answer to the week’s MWL, but my also contain multiple quotes
My Fave Five: The always awesome list of my five favorite movies of a particular topic

Contact Me

If you want to recommend a movie, have a topic for any of the site features, are interesting in guest posting, or simply want to get a hold of me for one reason or another, you can email me at drewt510@gmail.com.

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I like to review movies, you like to watch movies, let’s be friends. I don’t see how this won’t work.


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  2. Hey thanks for the follow! Nice to meet you 🙂

    I like your style with writing reviews, just thoughts and opinions. That’s what I try to do too 🙂
    I mean, what is a ‘critic’ anyway?!

    I also LOVE film scores and soundtracks. I think we’re going to get along just fine 🙂

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  3. I have only recently found time to get lost in your blog and love it so far. I agree with what you say on “professional” reviewers, certainly jaded at times. I watched ‘Iron Sky’ just the other day, and have a post going up soon, but if you haven’t already seen it I suggest you give it a go. From the sounds of things you could get a real kick out of its nonsensical humour.


    • Thanks, James! Better late than never! I kid, I kid, but I’m glad you are enjoying yourself here. Yea, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read reviews where people are like “This movie is terrible” and my friends and/or I are like “What are you talking about? This is awesome and fun!” So I rarely read them anymore. Awesome! I’ll check it out. See, we’re building a bond already. 🙂

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  5. I can totally relate to you! I enjoy writing reviews just for the fun of it. Critics can be so unfair and jaded in their write-ups and I prefer to celebrate movies instead of tear them down. Great blog Drew!


    • Awesome! So not only do we share a great name but we share the same passion and reasons for reviewing films. 😀 You’re absolutely right. It’s much more enjoyable to look at a movie and say why it was entertaining rather than critique how it could have been better. Thanks, Andrea! Yours is pretty great, too!


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