Movie Quote of the Week – 3/16/18

Answer to MWL 3/14/18: Chuck (Paul Rudd) – Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Peter: How long have you lived out here?
Chuck: Man, I don’t know. I quit wearing a watch when I moved out here.
Peter: Wow, that is so cool.
Chuck: Yeah. No, like my cell phone has a clock on it, so I don’t really need it.
Peter: Right, so it’s basically the same thing. How old are you?
Chuck: I don’t really believe in age or numbers, you know, I don’t… I mean, if you had to put a number on it, I guess I’d be 44. Fuck!
Peter: Thanks for taking me out here. This is the first time I’ve felt good in three weeks or so.
Chuck: You need to get back on that board is what you need to do.
Peter: Yeah?
Chuck: Hey, here’s the deal. When life gives you lemons, just say “fuck the lemons” and bail.
Peter: Yeah. No. You said it, totally.
Chuck: You just gotta pull yourself up by your wetsuit, get back on that board… Hey, look man, if you’re attacked by a shark, are you gonna give up surfing?
Peter: Probably, yeah.

Thanks for everyone’s submissions and one surf lesson to the following people for answering correctly:



Movie Whose Line? – 3/14/18

It’s time for everyone’s favorite game: Movie Whose Line?, where the quotes are real and the points don’t matter.  If you’ve never played before, it works like this: below is a quote from a movie and you guess who said it and/or what movie it’s from.  Submit your answer using the submission form below.  Simple, right? Here is this week’s quote:

When life gives you lemons, just say “fuck the lemons” and bail.

The answer will be posted Friday.  Good luck!

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Trailer Round-Up – 3/12/18

Christopher Robin teaser trailer


The Seagull

Show Dogs trailer #2

The Grinch

The House of Tomorrow

Borg vs. McEnroe

Sorry to Bother You

Which of these films are you excited to see?


Trailer Round-Up – 3/5/18

Thoroughbreds trailer #2

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 teaser trailer

Book Club


Mary Poppins Returns teaser trailer

Which of these films are you excited to see?


Ultimate 70s Blogathon Conclusion

Hello, friends! I hope you’ve enjoyed the last three weeks as much as I have. Kim and I have had a blast sharing everyone’s reviews of their favorite 70s flicks. There have been a wide range of films reviewed and if you missed any of them, here they are:

Tranquil Dreams – Alien

Drew’s Movie Reviews – Saturday Night Fever

Box Office BuzzStar Wars: A New Hope

Movie Reviews 101Kramer vs. Kramer

MovieRobThe Exorcist

Ten Stars or LessSlapshot

Riley on FilmWestworld

Emma K Wall (Explains It All)The Exorcist

Plain, Simple Tom ReviewsOne Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

MovieRob – 5 Easy Pieces

Film and TV 101The Godfather

Starry Traveler’s RoadSnoopy, Come Home

Rhyme and ReasonFor Pete’s Sake

From the Depths of DVD HellIsland of Death

Drew’s Movie Reviews – Dirty Harry

Tranquil Dreams – Disney Double Feature (The Arisocats & Pete’s Dragon)

Wow, what a great set of films reviewed, and what an even better group of bloggers participating! Seriously, you guys are all great for joining in the blogathon. I’ll admit that I had a little difficulty choosing what to review but most of you seemed to instantly have a film in mind. There were entries for science-fiction, comedy, horror, sports, and animation. A little bit of everything really shows how wide everyone’s tastes are and how they could find something from this decade to fit that. I’m rambling, so here to say a few words is my lovely co-host:

Hey everyone! Time flies when we’re having fun! Before we know it, its time to say goodbye to the Ultimate 70s Blogathon. The 70s is before both me and Drew’s time but it’s nice to see that there were many movies that made marks in all of our participants’ lives. There were different genres and highlighted some staple actors, like Jack Nicholson for example and movies that were more than one person’s choice like The Exorcist. Its always nice to see a variety of titles showing the diversity the decade had to offer and even some obscure titles. With that said, I’d love to say a huge THANK YOU to each and every one of you, whether you participated or commented, liked or even just read and shared the reviews. It means a lot to us to see the love for this 3rd year of our Ultimate Decades Blogathon. Of course, this blogathon wouldn’t happen without my awesome co-host, Drew! Hopefully, we’ll be back for a 4th year and dive into another decade next year! 🙂

Well said, Kim! I know Kim said it but I’ll say it, too: thank you! All of you who participated, commented, liked, or even just stopped by, you all made hosting this blogathon a blast. And thank you to my co-host. It’s always fun working with you and I look forward to hosting our fourth Ultimate Decades blogathon next year! 🙂

And that officially concludes the Ultimate 70s Blogathon. Thanks for reading. Hopefully you found some new blogs to follow, or a film or two to add to your watch list in the process as well.

Until next time, cheers!


Ultimate 70s Blogathon Finale: Dirty Harry (1971) by Drew’s Movie Reviews


And lastly, I my final review of the Utimate 70s Blogathon is my review of the Clint Eastwood action film Dirty Harry. Ultimate 70s Blogathon Finale: Dirty Harry (1971) by Drew’s Movie Reviews

And that’s it! The final final review of the blogathon. Come by tomorrow for a summary of the blogathon and closing remarks from your hosts.

If you’ve missed any of the entries, you can find a list of them all here.