Movie Quote of the Week – 1/19/18

Po (Jack Black (voice)) – Kung Fu Panda

There is no secret ingredient. -Po

If you are interested in participating in the Ultimate 70s Blogathon, you can find all the information here.


Announcing the Ultimate 70s Blogathon

Hello friends!

We’re in the middle of January so that means it’s almost time for the annual Ultimate Decades Blogathon! Last year, it was this Ultimate 90s, the inaugural blogathon two years ago was Ultimate 80s. This year, the blogathon will go even further back in time for the Ultimate 70s Blogathon! So what is the Ultimate 70s movie in your eyes? Is it a movie about a loose alien? A tenacious shark? An optimistic boxer? A high school musical? A holiday themed serial killer? A space opera? We all have our favorites and we want to hear all about yours.

My co-host Kim, from Tranquil Dreams, and I would love to see you participate in this blogathon. If you are interested in participating, tell us in a comment down below or email Kim,, or me,  Then email us your submission once you are finished. Simple as that. Submissions are due Sunday, February 4th. However, if you need more time, please let us know so we can plan accordingly. Kim and I will kick off the blogathon on Monday, February 12th.  You can add the banner that is at the top of this page to your site to show your participation.

Spread the word! If there is someone you think would like to participate, please feel free to invite them to join. We can’t wait to read everyone’s submissions! 🙂

Until next time, cheers!

Movie Quote of the Week – 1/12/18

Answer to MWL 1/10/18: Koda (Jeremy Suarez (voice)) – Brother Bear

If the snow’s white, then it’s all right. Yellow or green, it’s just not clean. I learned that one the hard way. -Koda

Thanks for everyone’s submissions and one trip to the salmon run to the following people for answering correctly:

MCU Exchange
SG (Rhyme and Reason)
Nacho Casado
MDC Infos (Marvel, DC, and Cinema News, Fun Facts and Info)

Movie Whose Line? – 1/10/18

It’s time for everyone’s favorite game: Movie Whose Line?, where the quotes are real and the points don’t matter.  If you’ve never played before, it works like this: below is a quote from a movie and you guess who said it and/or what movie it’s from.  Submit your answer using the submission form below.  Simple, right? Here is this week’s quote:

If the snow’s white, then it’s all right. Yellow or green, it’s just not clean. I learned that one the hard way.

The answer will be posted Friday.  Good luck!

Submissions are closed. Click here to view the answer.