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Check out my review of the James Bond classic From Russia with Love for MovieRob’s 007 December.

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007-December Blogathon

For today’s second review of From Russia With Love, here’s a review by Drew of Drew’s Movie Reviews.

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Spectre creates a plan to use James Bond (Sean Connery) and a Russian typist (Daniela Bianchi) to retrieve a lector, a Russian encryption device, for them without their knowing who they are actually helping.

At first I had mixed feelings about this movie. Even after several viewings of From Russia With Love, I am still slightly confused as to what the actual plot of the film really is. After this last time, I think have a better understanding but there are still two things (well two I’m going to bring up anyway) that I can’t figure out: 1) Why does Spectre need the lector in the first place? And 2) Why didn’t Klebb just command Tatiana to bring her the lector rather than go through an elaborate ruse…

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