Movie Quote of the Week – 4/1/16 (500th Post)

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Answer to MWL 3/30/16: Sherman Schrader (Jonah Hill) – Accepted

Bartleby: [Sees Schrader in distance] Oh, no.
Schrader: [In the distance] Ask me about me wiener!
Bartleby: What the…
Schrader: Ask me about my wiener! [Bartleby and Monica walk towards Schrader] Oh, hey, B. And Monica.
Monica: Hey.
Bartleby: Why… Why are you wearing this?
Schrader: Every single brother in my fraternity has worn this suit. President James Garfield wore this suit like a gentleman.
Bartleby: Oh, yeah, and look what happened to him. He got assassinated by Charles Guiteau. Don’t ask me how I know that.
Schrader: Do me a favor, ask me about my wiener really quickly.
Bartleby: Schrader, no.
Schrader: Guys, my brothers could be watching me right now. Just ask me about my wiener, please.
Bartleby: Why are you doing this?
Schrader: What do you mean?
Bartleby: Come on. You’re… This… You’re humiliating yourself buddy.
Schrader: You know what, B, don’t mess with me! These are the happiest times of my life, all right? I’m so happy, I’m the happiest. I’m happy! [Runs off, chasing another student] Hey! Ask me about my wiener!

When I was composing this post, I noticed that my post count was 499. That would make this my 500th post! It may not be the pomp and circumstance that such a milestone deserves, but to celebrate, here is another one of my favorite quotes from Accepted, said by Glen (Adam Herschman).

Glen: Oh, hey, guys.
Bartleby: Hey, what’s up, Glen?
Schrader: Hey, Glen, when did you start working at the Quick ‘n Stop?
Glen: Since I got boned, hard, by every college I applied to.
Bartleby: Why? What happened?
Glen: Some political crap. I got a zero on my SATs.
Schrader: You know you get 600 points just for signing your name, right?
Glen: [Chuckles, then stops and groans]

I wish I would have noticed sooner so I could have done something a little bigger (and chosen a different, more fitting quote). Oh, well. At least the milestone landed on this week’s Quote and not its MWL. That would have been awkward…

Anyway,  if it weren’t for all of you, I wouldn’t have made it through 500 posts, so I want you to join in on the celebration.  For the last year and a half, I have been telling you some of my favorite movie quotes on a weekly basis. We all have our personal favorites. You’ve heard many of mine and now I want to hear some of yours.  What are some of your favorite movie quotes?

Now all that is left of this party is to dance!

Thanks for everyone’s continued support over the last 500 posts. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what the next 500 bring. Cheers!