Ultimate 70s Blogathon Conclusion

Hello, friends! I hope you’ve enjoyed the last three weeks as much as I have. Kim and I have had a blast sharing everyone’s reviews of their favorite 70s flicks. There have been a wide range of films reviewed and if you missed any of them, here they are:

Tranquil Dreams – Alien

Drew’s Movie Reviews – Saturday Night Fever

Box Office BuzzStar Wars: A New Hope

Movie Reviews 101Kramer vs. Kramer

MovieRobThe Exorcist

Ten Stars or LessSlapshot

Riley on FilmWestworld

Emma K Wall (Explains It All)The Exorcist

Plain, Simple Tom ReviewsOne Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

MovieRob – 5 Easy Pieces

Film and TV 101The Godfather

Starry Traveler’s RoadSnoopy, Come Home

Rhyme and ReasonFor Pete’s Sake

From the Depths of DVD HellIsland of Death

Drew’s Movie Reviews – Dirty Harry

Tranquil Dreams – Disney Double Feature (The Arisocats & Pete’s Dragon)

Wow, what a great set of films reviewed, and what an even better group of bloggers participating! Seriously, you guys are all great for joining in the blogathon. I’ll admit that I had a little difficulty choosing what to review but most of you seemed to instantly have a film in mind. There were entries for science-fiction, comedy, horror, sports, and animation. A little bit of everything really shows how wide everyone’s tastes are and how they could find something from this decade to fit that. I’m rambling, so here to say a few words is my lovely co-host:

Hey everyone! Time flies when we’re having fun! Before we know it, its time to say goodbye to the Ultimate 70s Blogathon. The 70s is before both me and Drew’s time but it’s nice to see that there were many movies that made marks in all of our participants’ lives. There were different genres and highlighted some staple actors, like Jack Nicholson for example and movies that were more than one person’s choice like The Exorcist. Its always nice to see a variety of titles showing the diversity the decade had to offer and even some obscure titles. With that said, I’d love to say a huge THANK YOU to each and every one of you, whether you participated or commented, liked or even just read and shared the reviews. It means a lot to us to see the love for this 3rd year of our Ultimate Decades Blogathon. Of course, this blogathon wouldn’t happen without my awesome co-host, Drew! Hopefully, we’ll be back for a 4th year and dive into another decade next year! 🙂

Well said, Kim! I know Kim said it but I’ll say it, too: thank you! All of you who participated, commented, liked, or even just stopped by, you all made hosting this blogathon a blast. And thank you to my co-host. It’s always fun working with you and I look forward to hosting our fourth Ultimate Decades blogathon next year! 🙂

And that officially concludes the Ultimate 70s Blogathon. Thanks for reading. Hopefully you found some new blogs to follow, or a film or two to add to your watch list in the process as well.

Until next time, cheers!


Announcing the Ultimate 70s Blogathon

Hello friends!

We’re in the middle of January so that means it’s almost time for the annual Ultimate Decades Blogathon! Last year, it was this Ultimate 90s, the inaugural blogathon two years ago was Ultimate 80s. This year, the blogathon will go even further back in time for the Ultimate 70s Blogathon! So what is the Ultimate 70s movie in your eyes? Is it a movie about a loose alien? A tenacious shark? An optimistic boxer? A high school musical? A holiday themed serial killer? A space opera? We all have our favorites and we want to hear all about yours.

My co-host Kim, from Tranquil Dreams, and I would love to see you participate in this blogathon. If you are interested in participating, tell us in a comment down below or email Kim, kim.tranquildreams@gmail.com, or me, drewt510@gmail.com.  Then email us your submission once you are finished. Simple as that. Submissions are due Sunday, February 4th. However, if you need more time, please let us know so we can plan accordingly. Kim and I will kick off the blogathon on Monday, February 12th.  You can add the banner that is at the top of this page to your site to show your participation.

Spread the word! If there is someone you think would like to participate, please feel free to invite them to join. We can’t wait to read everyone’s submissions! 🙂

Until next time, cheers!

Announcing the Christmas in July Blogathon 2017

Hey, friends!

How are you this fine Sunday? Are you excited that today is June 25th? Oh, what is special about today you ask? Well today happens to be the one month mark until Christmas in July!  And you know what that means?  That’s right, the fan favorite Christmas in July Blogathon is just around the corner. 😀

If you are interested in participating this year, simply send me a Christmas-themed article as your entry. It can be a movie review, television special review, a list of some kind, or whatever Christmas-y thing your little holiday heart desires.  Please have your entries sent to me before July 17th. I’m a pretty flexible guy so if you feel like you need more time, please let me know and we can work something out.

Like every year, I like to throw a party full of everyone’s favorite celebrities.  So along with your entry, let me know who you would like to invite to our holiday party, particularly someone you would like to meet under the mistletoe.  For example, I would invite Alexandra Daddario and maybe some of you would invite Zac Efron.

There have been a wide variety of entries in the past, so if you need some examples of what you could do, or if you want to see last year’s guest list, give last year’s summary a look. To let me know you are participating, leave a comment or send me an email at drewt510@gmail.com. Then send your entry to that email address before July 17th.  I can’t wait to see the entries this year!

Until next time, cheers!

Here’s Jack Blogathon 2017: A Few Good Men

Gill, from Realweegiemidget Reviews, is a huge fan of Jack Nicholson. To celebrate, she has invited bloggers to review as many Nicholson films as possible. A Few Good Men is my entry into her three-day celebration. Click on the banner below to head over to her site to see the rest of the blogathon entries for today.

A Few Good Men movie posterHere's Jack Blogathon 2017 BannerSynopsis
Navy defense attorney Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise), along with JoAnne Galloway (Demi Moore) and Sam Weinberg (Kevin Pollack), are assigned to prove that Harold Dawson (Wolfgang Bodison) and Louden Downey (James Marshall), two marines accused of murder, are innocent and were merely acting under orders.

I will begin by saying courtroom dramas aren’t really my type of movie. I don’t find them very exciting and think more often than not they are fairly predicable. A Few Good Men is a perfect example of this. Story-wise, I didn’t feel invested in the case that the three attorneys were working on. And honestly, I didn’t care for Tom Cruise’s character, Daniel Kaffee. He is the skilled-but-arrogant character that Cruise played often earlier in his career but it doesn’t feel like he grows very much by the end of the film. His biggest step is actually taking the case instead of trying to make a deal and that happens fairly early. Which brings me to my next point: this movie feels too long. Although, that might be because I just wanted to get through the movie quicker since I wasn’t very interested.

The only thing that really kept me invested in this film was the cast. The main three, Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, and Kevin Pollak, had such great chemistry. Despite my lack of interest in Cruise’s character, I enjoyed his performance. He brought a lot of energy and emotion to the part. The same goes for Moore. Her performance was so emotionally driven that she made for a good counterpart to Cruise. The dialogue between Cruise, Moore, and Pollak felt very real and genuine. Kudos to Aaron Sorkin for writing such believable, and not too ridiculous banter, between the leads. Despite not being in the film for much time, Jack Nicholson is the standout of this movie. The final scene with Nicholson and Cruise battling it out in the courtroom was absolutely riveting and almost made up for the dullness of the rest of the film.

I thought A Few Good Men was OK 😐 My lack of interest in courtroom dramas aside, I found this to be somewhat enjoyable. Although I didn’t much care for Cruise’s character and felt it ran a little longer than necessary, the performances from all of the actors, especially from the main three and Jack Nicholson, kept my attention long enough to finish watching.


Cast & Crew
Rob Reiner – Director
Aaron Sorkin – Writer
Marc Shaiman – Composer

Tom Cruise – Lt. Daniel Kaffee
Demi Moore – Lt. Cdr. JoAnne Galloway
Kevin Pollak – Lt. (J.G.) Sam Weinberg
Kevin Bacon – Capt. Jack Ross
Jack Nicholson – Col. Nathan R. Jessup
Kiefer Sutherland – 2nd Lt. Jonathan Kendrick
JT Walsh – Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson
Wolfgang Bodison – Lance Cpl. Harold W. Dawson
James Marshall – Pfc. Louden Downey
JA Preston – Judge Julius Alexander Randolph

Ultimate 90s Blogathon Conclusion

Hey, readers!  It’s been a fun three weeks but we all knew this day would come. As they say, all good things must come to an end. Here are all the entries of the Ultimate 90s Blogathon in case you missed any of them:

Drew’s Movie Reviews – Encino Man

Tranquil Dreams – Robin Williams Triple Feature

OC Movie ReviewsPump Up the Volume

Charlene’s (Mostly) Classic Movie ReviewsThe Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert


Plain, Simple Tom ReviewsTotal Recall

DB Movies BlogBatman Returns

OC Movie Reviews – Life is Beautiful

Charlene’s (Mostly) Classic Movie Reviews – The Sweet Hereafter

Thoughts All SortsThe Last of the Mohicans

Rhyme and ReasonLiar Liar

Film and TV 101Reservoir Dogs

Life of this City GirlSleepless in Seattle

OC Movie Reviews – Leon

Starry Traveler’s RoadAnastasia

Often Off TopicLiar Liar

In the Depths of DVD HellMovie Year: The 90’s

Realweegiemidget ReviewsStar Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Drew’s Movie Reviews – Wild Wild West

Tranquil Dream – Top 3 Disney Animated Films

My fantastic co-host, Kim, and I have had a wonderful time revisiting a decade that is very special to us. There were a wide variety of films reviewed. Action, comedy, science-fiction, and animation. Although there were some surprising omissions as well. Besides Kim, no other Disney movies were reviewed. Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs was reviewed but his other big movie, Pulp Fiction, was not. Neither was any of Stephen Spielberg’s work, such as Jurassic Park or Schindler’s List, nor was IMDb’s number one movie, The Shawshank Redemption, reviewed.  I guess that just goes to show the eclectic tastes we all have!

Before I go on, Kim has a few words she would like to share.

2017 is passing us by incredibly fast! Our three weeks of visiting one of my favorite decades filled with a ton of nostalgia is has officially ended today. Just because the blogathon has ended, doesn’t mean that there are no lingering effects of having a heightened desire to watch more 90’s movies, especially with all of the fantastic entries we got and more than a handful that I haven’t seen. 90’s no doubt had a ton of outstanding choices and we had a wonderfully mixed bag of everything which was absolutely awesome and really shows off the variety that the 90’s brought. I’m known for rambling so I’ll get straight to the point and give a gigantic virtual hug to all the participants for joining in and making this blogathon such a success. I’ve met some new bloggers that I can’t wait to see more reviews from in the near future. Thank you so SO SO MUCH to all the readers, participants and of course, my fantastically amazing co-host! Stay awesome everyone! 🙂

Well said, Kim! To echo her words: thank you! Thank you to all of the participants for submitting entries to us. Thank you to everyone who read them and liked and commented. And finally, thank you to my blogathon better half, Kim! It was fun to take this adventure with all of you and I look forward to doing it again. 🙂

Until next time, cheers!

Announcing the Ultimate 90s Blogathon



Hey, readers!

I am delighted to announce that the marvelous Kim over at Tranquil Dreams and I are once again teaming up to host a blogathon.  Last year, our theme was Ultimate 80s and we wanted to stay with the decade motif. So this year, we are hosting the Ultimate 90s Blogathon!  The premise is simple: What do you consider to be the ultimate 90s movie? Does it involve a cross dresser? A Lion prince or Chinese warrior? Dinosaurs on the loose?  Maybe it’s about a socially clueless matchmaker or the return of a robot from the future. The 90s has an eclectic bunch of films and everyone has their favorite. Whatever it may be, we want to hear it. Us 90s kids are notoriously nostalgic of our childhood so let’s put that attitude to good use!


Or, uh, don’t. I don’t care.

If you are interested in participating, tell us in a comment down below or email Kim, kim.tranquildreams@gmail.com, or me, drewt510@gmail.com.  Then email us your submission once you are finished and we will post the entries on our sites during the blogathon. Boom! Easy, peasy. Submissions are due before Monday, February 13. However, if you need more time, please let us know so we can plan accordingly. Kim and I will then kick off the blogathon on Monday, February 20. If you leave a comment below, keep your choice a secret. We want to be just as surprised when you send them to us as our readers by which film is your Ultimate 90s movie. You can add the banner that is at the top of this page to your site to show your participation. Big thanks to my pal Roland for making the banner.


MRW I get an Ultimate 90s entry in my inbox.

Spread the word! If there is someone you think would like to participate, please feel free to invite them to join. We can’t wait to read everyone’s submissions! 🙂


90s kid