The Raid: Redemption Review

This movie was recommend by Kim from Tranquil Dreams as part of my Anniversary Celebration 5.

The Raid: RedemptionSynopsis
Rookie SWAT member Rama (Iko Uwais) is on his first mission. The team’s task is to capture crime lord Tama (Ray Sahetapy) from his apartment building. When Tama and his thugs become aware of the police’s presence, Rama and his team must fight their way to the top floor.

The action genre is one of my favorite film genres, so when a movie is touted to be the best action movie of the decade, my ears perk up. There is something raw about the action in The Raid: Redemption. Each fight feels brutal and bone-crushing and every punch’s impact is felt through the screen. Huge props to the action choreographer because the fights were mesmerizing to watch. Not only that, the camera was really tight, keeping everything smooth and in frame. I am not a huge fan of shaky cam so I was excited to see that there was hardly any used here. It was reminiscent of the classic action movies of the 80s, where fight scenes are shot using wide angles, despite the cramped setting. The best way to describe this movie is as a cross between Dredd and Netflix’s Daredevil’s signature hallway scenes. However, like Dredd, there isn’t in much in terms of character development. There is a nice little twist for main character Rama but for the most part, this film’s focus is delivering memorable and top-notch action. Not every film needs to be deep with deep characters. Sometimes, simple characters with great style can be enough. Sometimes, less is more.

I thought The Raid: Redemption was GREAT πŸ˜€ Calling this the best action movie of the past decade might be a bit of a stretch but it’s definitely close. What I can say for sure is that we need this style of action movie more frequently. Its crisp choreography and tendency to keep the action steady and in frame make this one to remember.

The Martial Art used in this movie is Pencak Silat, which is the indigenous fighting style of Indonesia. (via IMDb)


Cast & Crew
Gareth Evans – Director / Writer
Aria Prayogi – Composer
Fajar Yuskemal – Composer

Iko Uwais – Rama
Joe Taslim – Jaka
Ray Sahetapy – Tama
Yayan Ruhian – Mad Dog
Donny Alamsyah – Andi
Iang Darmawan – Gofar
Pierre Gruno – Wahyu
Tegar Satrya – Bowo
Eka Rahmadia – Dagu
Alfridus Godfred – Machete Gang leader