Lightning Review: The Benchwarmers

The Benchwarmers movie posterSynopsis
Tired of watching kids get bullied, Gus (Rob Schneider), Richie (David Spade), and Clark (Jon Heder) form a baseball team. They enter a round robin tournament, created by Mel (Jon Lovitz), and compete against youth baseball teams as representatives for those who get picked on.

The Benchwarmers is an entertaining movie, but it doesn’t do anything to stand out among similar comedies. Schneider is good, but the role is what I have come to expect from him and wasn’t anything special. Spade and Heder were excellent and had some good jokes, but I was surprisingly drawn to Lovitz character. His gags, pop culture references, comedic timing was spot on. The humor is very similar to other Schneider movies. So If you like those, or Adam Sandler’s movies, then you’ll find this movie enjoyable. There isn’t anything that separates The Benchwarmers from similar movies, but funny characters and a feel good story make it a fun ride.