Lightning Review: The Call

The Call movie posterSynopsis
Jordan Turner (Halle Berry), a veteran 911 operator, gave up being an operator after hearing a killer kidnap a little girl who called for help. Several months later, she must once again help a teenage girl (Abigail Breslin) escape abduction.

The Call is a thriller that does well due to its strong leads. Halle Berry shows her acting chops as a damaged operator who is strong when she needs to be. A film about a psychopathic murderer is only as good as its psycho, and Michael Eklund delivers. He plays a deranged family man well and there were times I was truly creeped out by the character, all due to Eklund’s performance. Since Breslin spends a good portion of the movie stuck in the trunk of a car, the film feels claustrophobic. Which does great to create the environment, but I don’t particularly care for that many close-up shots. The one and a half hour running time is perfect for this movie because it keeps the story moving, maintaining a focus on finding the kidnapper. The Call may not be the perfect thriller, but Eklund’s performance is sure to give you a few jumps along the way.