Lightning Review: Take Me Home Tonight

Take Me Home Tonight movie posterSynopsis
Matt Franklin (Topher Grace), an MIT graduate, is given a second chance to hook up with his high school crush (Teresa Palmer).

I think I have become jaded towards romantic comedies. Take Me Home Tonight is not a bad film, it just has the same story as almost every romantic comedy out there. It’s very formulaic and conventional material. I’m a fan of most of the actors, like Topher Grace (he was great in That 70’s Show), Anna Faris (who I think is an underrated actress), Dan Fogler (some of my favorite movies of his are Fanboys and Balls of Fury), and Chris Pratt (more recently). The only actress I wasn’t real familiar with was Teresa Palmer. Most of the characters are generic and the script is nothing impressive. There is some 80s nostalgia given the setting, particularly the soundtrack, so it has that going for it. Like I said, I didn’t not like Take Me Home Tonight, this was just a case of I’ve-seen-it-all-before.



Cast & Crew
Michael Dowse – Director
Jackie Filgo – Screenplay
Jeff Filgo – Screenplay
Topher Grace – Story
Gordon Kaywin – Story
Trevor Horn – Composer

Topher Grace – Matt Franklin
Anna Faris – Wendy Franklin
Dan Fogler – Barry Nathan
Teresa Palmer – Tori Frederking
Chris Pratt – Kyle Masterson
Michael Biehn – Bill Franklin
Jeanie Hackett – Libby Franklin
Michelle Trachtenberg – Ashley
Demetri Martin – Carlos