Lightning Review: The Mummy (2017)

The Mummy (2017) movie posterSynopsis
Nick Morrison (Tom Cruise) and his friend Chris Vail (Jake Johnson) accidentally uncover the tomb of Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), an ancient Egyptian princess who had been buried for fear of her supernatural powers. When Ahmanet’s powers begin to return, Nick is chosen to finish the ritual Ahmanet started before she was entombed and he is thrust into an unknown world of monsters and dark creatures.

As a cinefile, it is usually very easy to say whether or not I liked a movie but sometimes it can be hard to determine the why. This is the case for me with The Mummy. On the surface, it has many elements that I like in a film. Tom Cruise brings excitement to the action scenes. Jake Johnson, one of my favorite actors from New Girl, is a good comedic relief character, even if he does seem slightly out of place. The gorgeous Sofia Boutella as the titular mummy has an air of terror around her and gives a horror factor to the movie. So there are all these film elements that I enjoy, so why didn’t I enjoy this one? Maybe the issue is that I didn’t know what kind of movie I was watching. There were action pieces, humorous moments, and horror situations. There were all of these components that I couldn’t figure out what this movie was trying to do. Was it trying to be exciting? Scary? Funny? Individually, these parts are good and enjoyable here but when put together, they lose their strength and make for an inconsistent experience.

I thought The Mummy was OK 😐 When I hear β€œThe Mummy,” I always think of the 1999 Brendan Frasier version. What keeps bringing me back to that version is it is adventurous and fun and cheesy and it knows it and embraces it. This movie tries to incorporate some of that but also tries to go back to its horror roots of the 1930s original. The final product is a movie that doesn’t know what kind of movie it wants to be and it hurts the overall experience.


Cast & Crew
Alex Kurtzman – Director / Story
David Koepp – Screenplay
Christopher McQuarrie – Screenplay
Dylan Kussman – Screenplay
Jon Spaihts – Story
Jenny Lumet – Story
Brian Tyler – Composer

Tom Cruise – Nick Morton
Annabelle Wallis – Jenny Halsey
Sofia Boutella – Ahmanet
Jake Johnson – Chris Vail
Russell Crowe – Dr. Henry Jekyll
Courtney B. Vance – Colonel Greenway
Marwan Kenzari – Malik

Movie Quote of the Week – 6/9/17

Answer to MWL 6/7/17: Dr. Terrence Bey (Erick Avari) – The Mummy (1999)

Dr. Terrence Bey: What– How c– I– How– Oh, look at this! Sons of the pharaohs! Give me frogs! Flies! Locusts! Anything but you! Compared to you, the other plagues were a joy!
Evelyn Carnahan: I am so very sorry. It was an accident.
Dr. Bey: My girl, when Rameses destroyed Syria, that was an accident. You… are a catastrophe!

Thanks for everyone’s submissions and one trip to Hamunaptra to Tom (Plain, Simple Tom Reviews) for answering correctly.

Here is a special bonus quote because I love this movie so much.

Rick O’Connell: Okay, it’s time for another drink.
Evelyn: Unlike my brother, sir, I know when to say no. [Takes a drink of scotch]
Rick; Uh-huh. And unlike your brother, miss, you, I just don’t get.
Evelyn: Ah. I know. You’re wondering what is a place like me doing in a girl like this.
Rick: Yeah, something like that.
Evelyn: Egypt is in my blood. You see, my– my father was a very, very famous explorer and he loved Egypt so much, he married my mother, who was an Egyptian and quite an adventurer herself.
Rick: Hmm. I get your father, and I get your mother, and, uh, I get him [Points at Jonathan], but what are you doing here?
Evelyn: Ohh! Look I– I may not be an explorer or– or an adventurer or a treasure seeker or a gunfighter, Mr. O’Connell, but I am proud of what I am.
Rick: And what is that?
Evelyn: I… am a librarian.

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