Lightning Review: Easy A

This review was originally posted for MovieRob‘s High School/Teen Romance-themed Genre Grandeur.

Easy A movie posterSynopsis
Olive (Emma Stone) has been completely anonymous throughout high school. When her friend Brandon (Dan Byrd) asks her to pretend to have sex with him so he will stop getting bullied for being gay, she gets more attention than she bargained for.

At its core, Easy A is very similar to most other teen movies. Olive is trying to discover who she is and in the process causes friction between her and her best friend and she feels more alone than ever. However, it ends up working on so many levels. A huge part of its success stems from Emma Stone. She nails Olive’s personality. She cute, smart, charming, and always ready with a quip. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine any other actress playing the part. Stone could easily carry the film by herself but she doesn’t have to. Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson as Olive’s parents steal every scene they’re in. Not only are they the chill and understanding type of parents, but they are funny. It’s easy to see where the character of Olive gets her wits. Besides the great characters, Easy A commentates on how easily information can be passed along and skewed in today’s digital age. Not to mention teens are more than willing to gossip and pass along scandalous information about their peers. This subtext isn’t heavy handed or in your face but easily picked up (the way it should be presented). Easy A is what every teen movie should strive to be. It has well-written characters, a great cast, a relevant message, jokes that don’t fall flat, and a big heart.


Favorite Quote
Chip: I like your pants.
Olive: Thank you. They’re Cosco. You can have them when you get a little taller if you want.
Chip: I’m never going to go through puberty.
Rosemary: Of course you will, baby. We’re a family of late bloomers. I didn’t until I was 14 nor did Olive.
Chip: Why does that matter? I’m adopted.
Dill: What!? Oh my god! Who told you? Guys, we were going to do this at the right time.


Cast & Crew
Will Gluck – Director
Bert B. Royal – Writer
Brad Segal – Composer

Emma Stone – Olive
Aly Michalka – Rhiannon
Penn Badgley – Woodchuck Todd
Dan Byrd – Brandon
Amanda Bynes – Marianne
Thomas Haden Church – Mr. Griffith
Lisa Kudrow – Mrs. Griffith
Patricia Clarkson – Rosemary
Stanley Tucci – Dill
Bryce Clyde Jenkins – Chip