A Gift From Justine: The Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger AwardI really need to get on top of things (I seem to say that a lot…).  The wonderful Justine from Justine’s Movie Blog nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award nearly two months ago.  Here I am to finally accept it.  I guess there are some rules I have to follow:

  •  Post the award on your site
  •  Thank the person who nominated you
  •  Share 7 facts about yourself
  •  Nominate 15 blogs
  •  Link to your nominees’ site

Thank you Justine for the nomination!  If you have never been to her blog, go check it out! Or even if you have, go again.  She writes some pretty great movie reviews and keeps you up-to-date on the comings and goings of films on Netflix.  Now, a few facts about me:

  • Apparently I have never said this here on my blog before, but I am a redhead.  I also have blue eyes.  This is a rare combination since both traits are recessive genes.  That’s right, I’m a rare species!
  • The three subjects I consider myself the most knowledgeable in are the Marvel comics universe, Star Wars (both the movies and the fictional universe before Disney cleared it), and aquariums.  The first two of which I can’t really do anything with.
  • I have always had potted plants indoors, but last year I tried my hand at outdoor gardening (not landscaping, that I’ve done before).  It’s been a blast so far.  My flower beds are doing great and this year I put in a strawberry patch which is doing quite successful at the moment.
  • I’m from the US but I say “bloody” all the time (it seems to be very uncommon here).  I started saying it as a way to not curse around my younger siblings and it eventually crept into my every day rhetoric.  People who haven’t talked with me much often call me out on it.
  • I watch Wheel of Fortune on a regular basis.
  • I’m an avid gamer.  I don’t discriminate, I play on consoles, PC, and handhelds.  Anyone want to exchange 3DS and/or Wii U friend codes?
  • I agree with Justine that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the best video game of all time.  It’s my favorite video game for sure, although I did enjoy its sequel, Majora’s Mask, quite a bit and have heard some compelling arguments why it’s better than OoT.

Here are my nominations for the Awesome Versatile Blogger Award

If you don’t participate in awards, I understand. I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for being awesome! 🙂

Phew, and that finally does it. Thanks again to Justine for the nomination!



23 thoughts on “A Gift From Justine: The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Yay! Glad you finally got around to it, although I’ve been slacking so much myself, I can hardly say anything. You agree with me about Ocarina of Time! You’re awesome, dude! Haha. Redheads are also the best, which is probably why I chose to become a fake one, but real ones are obviously better, you got the one up on me, rare species indeed. Thanks for accepting!


    • Trust me, no one is happier than me that this is finally off my plate. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty sure that if we had a slack off competition, I’d kick your ass. 😛 Hell yea I agree with you! I’ve been singing OoT’s praises for years. I’ve played it on the N64 many times and I also have the 3DS remake. Besides, it wouldn’t be wise to disagree with a woman. 😉 We really are. Fun fact of the day: did you know that red hair is the rarest hair color but the most commonly dyed hair color? No problem! I always enjoy doing write ups for these.

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      • Haha, that’s possible. Eventually my slacking off turns into a crippling guilt and I have to be productive to be free of it. Totally agree with you on the disagreeing with a woman part. But that game is just too good to disagree with anyway. I’m not totally surprised. It seems like after I dyed it probably about 7 years ago now, everybody started turning into a redhead. I’ve only ever met maybe 2 real ones in my life! So you’re special.


        • Eventually my slacking off turns into video games playing or movie watching… Just kidding (but not really), it’s not that bad. But I do get irritated if I don’t get done the things I want to do. Then I’m just like, “Alright I really need to do this.” That’s how my last few weekends have been. Yea, it is definitely one of the best games. Hell, it invented locking the camera on a target in a 3D environment. That’s huge! And severely underrated these days. Kids today don’t understand how good they have it. 😛 Only 2? That’s unfortunate. Maybe the lack of redheads is a New England thing. What color are you naturally?

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        • Same! What better way to slack off, really? I did not know that feature was invented in that game haha. You’re right though, totally underrated. Kids these days…

          Only 2! Possibly more but I wouldn’t remember. Naturally? Ehh I want to say brunette. Very light brunette, but who really knows anymore? Maybe I’ll return to my roots soon.


        • I guess it’s kind of esoteric, but that’s one of the factors contributing to it being one of the best games in history, among many, many other reasons.

          You should try it. if nothing else to throw people off. 😛


  2. Congrats, Drew! Very well deserved! And it was fun learning some more about you! I knew about the redhead bit though. Heck yeah, recessive-gened people!!! Lol. And thank you so much for the nomination! Very sweet of you. 🙂


    • Thanks, Cara! Which fact were you most interested to learn? Yea, talking to you about being redheaded is what made me realize that I’ve never talked about it before here, so I decided to share with everyone. Woot woot! No problem, you deserve it. 🙂

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  3. Congrats Drew, you have an awesome blog so it’s well deserved. Many thanks for the nomination, so kind of you.
    Are you planning to make pies with the strawberries? Or maybe jam?


    • Thanks, Marta! Of course, you deserve it as well. I haven’t thought of doing something that before. I don’t think I’d make jam but maybe a pie if I get a good enough harvest one day.


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