Movie Quote of the Week – 2/12/16

Movie Quote of the Week bannerAnswer to MWL 2/10/16: Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) – X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Wade Wilson: Great. Stuck in an elevator with five guys on a high-protein diet.
William Stryker: Oh, Wade.
Wilson: Dreams really do come true.
Stryker: Just shut it! You’re up next.
Wilson: Thank you, sir. You look really nice today. It’s the green. It brings out the seriousness in your eyes.
Wolverine: Oh, my God. Do you ever shut up, pal?
Wilson: No. Not when I’m awake.

Thanks for everyone’s submissions and one elevator ride with Wade Wilson to the following people for answering correctly:

Allie (Flick Chicks)
Marta (Ramblings of a Cinefile)

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