Trailer Round-Up – 6/26/17

The Only Living Boy in New York

Annabelle: Creation trailer #2

American Assassin

American Assassin red band trailer

Thank You For Your Service



Pitch Perfect 3

Which of these films are you excited to see?

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Drew’s Entry For The Play To The Whistle Blogathon

Kira, from Film and TV 101, and Josh from Reffing Movies, are in the middle of their sports film themed Play to the Whistle Blogathon. For my entry, I reviewed a movie pertaining to my favorite sport of soccer: Goal!: The Dream Begins

Film and TV 101

This review comes from Drew of Drew’s Movie Reviews. Drew has a number of different features on his site – check it out when you get the chance. His weekly rounds of ‘Whose Movie Line’ are a favourite of mine.

Goal! The Dream Begins

Santiago Munez (Kuno Becker) is an illegal immigrant in Los Angeles working multiple jobs to support his family. However, his passion is to play football professionally. When Glen Foy (Stephen Dillane), a retired Newcastle United player, notices Munez talents, Foy sets him up with a try out with Newcastle United. In hopes of making his dreams a reality , Munez travels to England.

As a football player and cinefile, it can be difficult to find a movie about the sport, let alone a decent one. Thankfully, Danny Cannon realized this and worked with FIFA, the international football organization, to create Goal! The Dream…

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Movie Quote of the Week – 6/23/17

Answer to MWL 6/21/17: Judy Witwicky (Julie White) – Transformers

Sam: Look, you can’t just bounce into my room like that. You gotta knock. You gotta communicate. I’m a teenager.
Ron. We knocked for five minutes.
Judy: We knocked!
Sam: You didn’t knock, you were screaming at me, OK? This is repression what you’re doing here. Y-You’re ruining my youth, OK?
Judy: Oh, for Pete sakes. You are so defensive. Were you… masturbating?
Ron: Judy.
Sam: Was I mastur — No, mom!
Ron: Zip it, OK?
Sam: No, I don’t masturbate.
Ron: It’s not something for you to bring up. It’s a father-son thing.
Sam: Father-son thing.
Judy: I mean, you don’t have to call it that word if that makes you uncomfortable. You can call it “Sam’s happy time”
Sam: “Happy time?”
Judy: or “My special alone time…”
Ron: Stop.
Judy: “… with myself.”
Ron: Judy, stop.
Judy: I’m sorry, it’s just been a weird night. I’ve had a little bit to drink.

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Movie Whose Line? – 6/21/17

It’s time for everyone’s favorite game: Movie Whose Line?, where the quotes are real and the points don’t matter.  If you’ve never played before, it works like this: below is a quote from a movie and you guess who said it and/or what movie it’s from.  Submit your answer using the submission form below.  Simple, right? Here is this week’s quote:

I mean, you don’t have to call it that word if that makes you uncomfortable. You can call it “Sam’s happy time” or “my special alone time with myself.”

The answer will be posted Friday.  Good luck!

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