Krull (1983) by That Moment In- Ultimate 80s Blogathon

Closing out the first week of the Ultimate 80s Blogathon is David from That Moment In and his review of Krull!

Tranquil Dreams

Next up, let me present to you David from That Moment In. David is one of my podcast co-host with The Random Chat Show and he also is involved with two other fun podcasts, Fresh Picks and CSI: Cinema Scene Investigation. His site covers books, movies and gaming reviews among other fun articles on the most up to date news bits.  The site motto is that every movie has a moment, what is yours? Head on over and check out his awesome site!

Take it away, David! Let’s hear about your choice, Krull!

‘Krull’ (1983) Review: You Will Need the Power of the Glaive

The mid-80s were swept up in a genre that, while short-lived, has never seen its equal, a deluge of films that were all basically the same with characters being the only real difference. But they were fun and inventive, pushing special effects to the next…

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