The Best Christmas Scenes in Movies: Christmas in July Blogathon 2017

And here we are, the final entry of this year’s Christmas in July Blogathon. And what a better way to end it than with my friend and Ultimate Decades co-host, Kim of Tranquil Dreams. I could list everything she does on her site but that would take way too long. If you some how don’t follow her already, head over to her site once you’re finished here and give it a look. A movie doesn’t have to be all about Christmas. Some movies just have a single Christmas scene then move on. Kim is here to celebrate those little Christmas moments in non-Christmas films.

Isn’t July such a great month? Isn’t Christmas also such a fantastic holiday? It is why this blogathon is such fun to put together. Yay to Drew for getting this together. Everyone talks about the Christmas movies a lot and say Die Hard and Lethal Weapon being a non-traditional Christmas movie all the time. A lot of movies, non-traditional ones, have some great scenes and here are my Top 5 in no particular order.

Christmas/Yule Ball – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire stirs up some great memories, mostly of lining up 3 hours on day 1 at the theatres and while not a Christmas movie, although I do have friends that marathon this during Christmas, one of the best scenes is the Christmas, or Yule, Ball as everyone takes a break from the dangerous magical competition and celebrate the holiday. It is a pivotal moment in the movie where the characters and their relationships start becoming more complex. Hermione looks beautiful. Overall, it is a magical Christmas…literally.

Christmas Gift(s) – Lady and the Tramp

In my mind, Disney has a lot of Christmas scenes tucked away here and there but I could be wrong, however nothing beats the cuteness overload in Lady and the Tramp (one of my favorite Disney movies) as they wrap up the movie with this Christmas scene and all the baby Ladies and Tramps rolling on the floor. I love dogs and puppies just steal my heart away every single time. If you think carefully though, Lady and the Tramp starts with Lady being gifted to from Jim Dear to Darling for Christmas.

Jingle Bell Rock – Mean Girls

It comes as no surprise that Mean Girls is on this list. Jingle Bell Rock performance is a must for the mean girls, aka The Plastics in the annual Winter Talent Show. The scene itself is a pivotal point that changes the roles and importance. It’s funny, uncomfortable and awkward. There are character tensions and changes in characters. Jingle Bell Rock is just a great Christmas song also.

Today For You – Rent

Rent starts (and I think ends) on Christmas. It mixes in so many emotions and themes. The songs are completely reflective of the story. Christmas never comes better in a fun performance that introduces Angel to everyone with an energetic and pretty funny performance of Today For You. Angle is a ray of positivity and sunshine despite all her own problems to the downer that the movie started on with losing power and starving in the cold.

Christmas with Strangers – While You Were Sleeping

I know this choice seems a little like it’s straddling the sidelines of non-traditional Christmas flick since it’s set mostly on the holidays but it is primarily a romantic comedy set during Christmas so doesn’t really count as a Christmas movie (even if I watch it a lot during the holidays). However, you can watch this any old day and still just fall in love with Bill Pullman and Sandra Bullock and pretty much everyone here. Christmas with strangers seems weird especially when they mistake your identity but it sure was a warm  and fun celebration. Not to mention, she wakes up the next morning and bumps into Bill Pullman’s character and stand under the mistletoe. So many moments, so hard to decide.

Honorable Mention: Batman Returns

I remembered this scene by accident as I was looking up other Christmas scenes. So I guess I’ll toss this in honorable mention as I can’t remember the exact scenario and really can’t elaborate on it too much. Batman is frequently set during Christmas so its a pretty solid choice for a non-traditional film in general.

As for my Christmas guest, it’s really hard to decide. I just finished Pretty Little Liars and Season 7 made realize how much I wanted these two characters to get together and that they really are the best for each other (of course, my dreams don’t come true and I’m sure this isn’t a spoiler) so even with long hair, I still think this guy is super good-looking and charming as heck and yup, Drew Van Acker…again.

Thanks so much again for Drew on hosting this blogathon!

Thanks, Kim! And that’s it! The final participant in the blogathon. If you missed any entries, I will be back shortly with the list of all of them, as well as my guests that I am inviting to our holiday party. Be there or be square.

Until next time, cheers!

2 thoughts on “The Best Christmas Scenes in Movies: Christmas in July Blogathon 2017

  1. Reblogged this on Tranquil Dreams and commented:
    Drew was a fantastic and awesome person and gave me a huge extension so that I could join into the Christmas in July blogathon! Here’s my fave christmas scenes in movies from pretty much non-traditional holiday films.
    If you didn’t check the other entries from this blogathon, remember to do that that because they are all awesome! 🙂


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